The black truck

Kuwait Times - - FROM THE ARABIC PRESS - By Saad Al-Motesh

Istrongly op­pose the the­ory of evo­lu­tion, that ac­cord­ing to some peo­ple, sug­gests that crea­tures adapted to their sur­round­ing en­vi­ron­ments and thus changed and evolved. There is noth­ing bet­ter than the hu­man mind be­cause of which Almighty Al­lah distin­guished hu­man be­ings from all other crea­tures. How­ever, man can never change des­tined things. We all want to de­velop and im­prove our liv­ing con­di­tions, yet we have no say in things we are des­tined to do.

How­ever, all man-made things are sub­ject to rise and de­cline no mat­ter how big they are, be­cause hu­mans do err. The best ex­am­ple of this is com­put­ers that used to be as big as king-sized bed­rooms in royal palaces, but are now smaller than a match­box. Evo­lu­tion makes me won­der about the black Chevys politi­cians claim go out of Cen­tral Bank dur­ing ev­ery par­lia­men­tary election since the 1980s. Ever since, we have been hear­ing sto­ries about po­lit­i­cal money in those Chevys. It is this that brings evo­lu­tion to my mind.

In the past, the to­tal num­ber of vot­ers was very few com­pared to the present. It was just nat­u­ral that ‘gifts’ were small and could fit in a car’s trunk. I be­lieve that evo­lu­tion should in­clude both the cash grants and the means of trans­port car­ry­ing them. It is un­rea­son­able that the grants sup­pos­edly given are still the same!

This makes us tell those talk­ing about po­lit­i­cal money and ac­cus­ing fel­low can­di­dates to pay at­ten­tion to the brand, type and color of the means of trans­port and de­cide whether they saw a truck or half-lorry car­ry­ing this money, par­tic­u­larly the color, be­cause most of those ve­hi­cles are white and black ones are rarely used.

May the Almighty pro­tect and send the black trucks that will carry that money to me per­son­ally and to hell with those car­ry­ing money for can­di­dates! An Egyp­tian man was ar­rested in Far­waniya with pos­ses­sion of eight pack­ets of heroin and ice (metham­phetamine). He was taken to the Drug Con­trol Gen­eral De­part­ment (DCGD) for fur­ther ac­tion. Sep­a­rately, a bedoon man was ar­rested in Far­waniya for driv­ing un­der the ef­fect of drugs as well as pos­sess­ing drugs. Mean­while, two cit­i­zens with crim­i­nal records were ar­rested with drugs and large sums of money. Se­cu­rity sources said the sus­pects them­selves were un­der the in­flu­ence of drugs and con­fessed that the money they had was the value of their sales.

In the past, the to­tal num­ber of vot­ers was very few com­pared to the present

A fe­male citizen filed a com­plaint against her ex-hus­band ac­cus­ing him of in­sult­ing her through What­sApp mes­sages. A case was filed and fur­ther in­ves­ti­ga­tions are in progress. Af­ter col­lid­ing into a lux­ury ve­hi­cle, an Asian man aban­doned his car and fled the scene on foot. In­ves­ti­ga­tions are on­go­ing to iden­tify and ar­rest the sus­pect. — Al-Rai and Al-An­baa

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