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1. An ad­vanced law de­gree. 4. Free of or us­ing meth­ods to keep free of patho­log­i­cal micro­organ­isms. 11. Marked by ex­treme lack of re­straint or con­trol. 15. The ba­sic unit of money in Ro­ma­nia. 16. Genus of tall smooth herbs of forested moun­tains of Europe and Asia mi­nor. 17. Ev­er­green trees and shrubs hav­ing oily one-seeded fruits. 18. Re­lease from a spell. 20. Of or re­lat­ing to the Ibe­rian penin­sula or its in­hab­i­tants. 22. Small Euro­pean fresh­wa­ter fish with a slen­der bluish-green body. 23. A river in north cen­tral Switzer­land that runs north­east into the Rhine. 25. A large fleet. 26. A port city in south­west­ern Turkey on the Gulf of An­talya. 29. Out of bed. 31. An as­so­ciate de­gree in ap­plied sci­ence. 34. Of or like a ce­cum. 38. A sharp blow. 40. West In­dian tree hav­ing racemes of fra­grant white flow­ers and yield­ing a durable tim­ber and resinous juice. 41. The state pre­vail­ing dur­ing the ab­sence of war. 43. Used of a sin­gle unit or thing. 44. A met­ric unit of vol­ume or ca­pac­ity equal to 100 liters. 45. French revo­lu­tion­ary leader (born in Switzer­land) who was a leader in over­throw­ing the Girondists and was stabbed to death in his bath by Char­lotte Cor­day (1743-1793). 47. A genus of Plo­cei­dae. 49. An unabridged dic­tionary con­structed on his­tor­i­cal prin­ci­ples. 51. In­structed and en­cour­aged in moral, in­tel­lec­tual, and spir­i­tual im­prove­ment. 55. Any com­pe­ti­tion. 56. The ba­sic mon­e­tary unit in many coun­tries. 59. (Me­sopotamia) God of agri­cul­ture and earth. 60. De­rive or re­ceive plea­sure from. 64. An in­hab­i­tant of the earth. 66. The ba­sic unit of money in Slo­vakia. 68. Ice crys­tals form­ing a white de­posit (es­pe­cially on ob­jects out­side). 69. A genus of In­dri­idae. 72. The main city of an­cient Phoeni­cia. 73. The sev­enth month of the Hindu calendar. 74. A lake in north­west­ern Rus­sia north of St. Peters­burg. 76. A moun­tain­ous land­locked com­mu­nist state in south­east­ern Asia. 77. Of a qual­ity, as in. 78. De­lib­er­ately ar­ranged for ef­fect. 79. Trop­i­cal starchy tuber­ous root.


1. (Welsh) A war­rior god. 2. A Rus­sian river. 3. Wine from mus­cat grapes. 4. (in­for­mal) Of the high­est qual­ity. 5. Small ev­er­green shrub of Pa­cific coast of North Amer­ica hav­ing edible dark pur­ple grape-size ber­ries. 6. Ob­long cream puff. 7. An in­for­mal term for a fa­ther. 8. A soft gray mal­leable me­tal­lic el­e­ment that re­sem­bles tin but dis­col­ors on ex­po­sure to air. 9. Be­ing one more than two. 10. An es­o­teric or oc­cult mat­ter that is tra­di­tion­ally se­cret. 11. Eaten (or as if eaten) by worms. 12. A Greek epic poem (at­trib­uted to Homer) de­scrib­ing the siege of Troy. 13. A soft heavy toxic mal­leable me­tal­lic el­e­ment. 14. (Ir­ish) Mother of the Tuatha De Danann. 19. A tri­cy­cle (usu­ally pro­pelled by ped­alling). 21. (Greek mythol­ogy) God of love. 24. An in­tensely ra­dioac­tive me­tal­lic el­e­ment that oc­curs in minute amounts in ura­nium ores. 27. An Ara­bic speak­ing per­son who lives in Ara­bia or North Africa. 28. Wide­spread genus or herbs or soft­wooded ar­bores­cent shrubs cul­ti­vated for their showy flow­ers. 30. A river that rises in cen­tral Ger­many and flows north to join the Elbe River. 32. A group of African lan­guages in the Niger-Congo group spo­ken from Sene­gal east as far as the Ivory Coast. 33. The func­tion or po­si­tion prop­erly or cus­tom­ar­ily oc­cu­pied or served by an­other. 35. (folk­lore) A corpse that rises at night to drink the blood of the liv­ing. 36. An emer­gency pro­ce­dure con­sist­ing of ex­ter­nal car­diac mas­sage and ar­ti­fi­cial res­pi­ra­tion. 37. A unit of length of thread or yarn. 39. Gully or streambed in North Africa and the Mid­dle East that re­mains dry ex­cept dur­ing rainy sea­son. 42. Sur­pass­ing the or­di­nary es­pe­cially in size or scale. 46. Red Asian weaver­birds of­ten kept as cage birds. 48. Hav­ing no fever. 50. United States writer (born in Poland) who wrote in Yid­dish (1880-1957). 52. Un­pleas­antly cool and hu­mid. 53. Have in mind as a pur­pose. 54. A na­tion in north­ern North Amer­ica. 57. The amount a salary is in­creased. 58. Ger­man hero. 61. Wild sheep of north­ern Africa. 62. An or­na­men­tal net in the shape of a bag that con­fines a woman's hair. 63. A mem­ber of the Siouan peo­ple of the Kansas river val­ley in Kansas. 65. A master's de­gree in li­brary sci­ence. 67. A mouth or mouth­like open­ing. 70. A per­son re­garded as greedy and piglike. 71. One of the five ma­jor classes of im­munoglob­u­lins. 75. A pub­lic pro­mo­tion of some prod­uct or ser­vice. Strong be­liefs are key­notes to your power. Re­li­gious, cul­tural or philo­soph­i­cal con­tro­ver­sies and cru­sades have a way of stir­ring your blood. You en­joy new ideas and see your­self as be­ing able to en­joy an open mind. You could find you are in­ter­ested in re­search, ar­ti­cle writ­ing or per­haps cre­at­ing some po­etry. You may en­joy talk­ing about your ex­pe­ri­ences and ask­ing the ad­vice of an older and more ex­pe­ri­enced per­son. Your in­nate in­ten­sity and se­ri­ous­ness are vis­i­ble to all. You look for new and dif­fer­ent ways of self-dis­cov­ery and trans­for­ma­tion. In a bazaar or art-fes­ti­val type of at­mos­phere this af­ter­noon, you en­joy the live mu­sic and out­door fun, es­pe­cially with some­one you love. This may be a good time for a photo ses­sion.

Can­cer (June 21-July 22)

Me­an­der­ing through the art show or the com­mu­nity fair with young peo­ple, you find ways to spend as lit­tle as pos­si­ble of your en­ergy or your money. To­day presents good op­por­tu­ni­ties to teach young peo­ple about al­lowances, pay­checks and bud­get­ing. You get many new ideas for up­com­ing hol­i­day gifts. Later to­day, among friends and rel­a­tives, you en­joy ex­press­ing your ideas as well as lis­ten­ing to new ideas re­gard­ing sub­jects you like par­tic­u­larly well. Po­lit­i­cal, lec­tur­ing or teach­ing con­cerns could be in­volved with this need to com­mu­ni­cate. You may find your­self run­ning an er­rand for a fam­ily mem­ber this evening. You can demon­strate great un­der­stand­ing

of the needs of oth­ers. The beauty of a sun­set is en­joyed this evening.

Leo (July 23-Au­gust 22)

This morn­ing you be­come ab­sorbed in re­view­ing the job search part of the news­pa­per. Your ca­reer should be men­tally stim­u­lat­ing and should al­low you to ex­press your orig­i­nal­ity. You may not be ready to change jobs just now but you cer­tainly check out the list­ings each week. Who knows, there may be some stim­u­lat­ing pro­fes­sion out in the world, just wait­ing for your ex­per­tise. Your en­er­gies are up and there are many projects in which you will want to in­volve your­self. You en­joy cook­ing, you dive into an art project and you visit and keep in touch with friends. This af­ter­noon you have lots of fun with an­i­mals. This may mean a new an­i­mal has come into your life or you are tend­ing to a neigh­bor’s an­i­mals for a few days.

Virgo (Au­gust 23-Septem­ber 22)

You are open-minded, demo­cratic and en­thu­si­as­tic; you have a def­i­nite sense of mis­sion. You are at home with dif­fer­ent cul­tures, peo­ples and lands. You love to work with, and in, groups and will find your day full of in­ter­ac­tion with all dif­fer­ent types of peo­ple. This could be a day that was set aside for a spe­cial guest with re­gard to your fam­ily, church or tem­ple. Your gen­eral out­look on life is at­trac­tive-peo­ple seek you out to help them with their prob­lems. You are a nat­u­ral coun­selor and may find your­self in­volved in deep dis­cus­sions con­cern­ing the life­styles of oth­ers. Af­ter the week­end chores are done, you en­joy time alone with a spe­cial friend, per­haps a loved one. Ro­mance is pos­si­ble this evening. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion is at a high just now, al­though it may not go the way you wish it would. On the home front there is an urge to try new things that could be chal­lenged. In this case, you may rebel and act at cross-pur­poses to those who care for you-do not push. Do not de­pend on oth­ers for your hap­pi­ness. Cre­ate an at­ti­tude of grat­i­tude and be­lieve it or not, frus­tra­tions will be short lived. Two won­der­ful riches are money and love and you have them both. You may de­sire to choose some­thing flashy that you can give to your loved one. Be wise how­ever, and give your­self time be­fore pur­chas­ing an ex­pen­sive trin­ket too quickly. You cer­tainly have time for young peo­ple this af­ter­noon and may en­joy an out-of-door game. En­joy din­ner out this evening. A news­pa­per ar­ti­cle that you may be privy to to­day puts a chal­lenge in your mind to know more. A new idea or ex­per­i­ment may be pub­lished just to present a chal­lenge or to in­ter­est the reader into re­search­ing the sub­ject fur­ther and per­haps prove the writer wrong-or right. The con­clu­sion of some ex­per­i­ment or project has been an eye opener to new and im­por­tant break­through in­for­ma­tion that will help many peo­ple. You may de­cide to test the find­ings or at the least, you will dis­cuss the find­ings of the writer with an as­so­ciate of yours. Any time we make strong state­ments we re­ally need the proof to back up our words. You are ready to do some re­search. Since you are able to see these sto­ries as a part of a larger story, you en­joy new ideas and stud­ies.

Aquar­ius (Jan­uary 20- Fe­bru­ary 18)

You are usu­ally full of en­ergy and to­day is one of those days that you are asked to vol­un­teer to help a friend; you jump right in with lots of en­thu­si­asm. You have a great deal of con­fi­dence and per­se­ver­ance and are a good friend. This af­ter­noon you show your com­pet­i­tive side while play­ing some sort of trivia or a board game-per­haps you are even pushy. Your de­ter­mi­na­tion to win proves suc­cess­ful. Your am­bi­tions go hand in hand with com­mu­ni­ca­tion and us­ing the mind and the two should never be far apart. You will re­ceive sup­port and af­fec­tion from your fam­ily or part­ner whether you are mar­ried or not. You cre­ate op­por­tu­ni­ties for peo­ple to like them­selves. This be­hav­ior en­dears you to oth­ers and oth­ers to you in many ways.

In­de­pen­dence, as well as any­thing un­usual or dif­fer­ent, is val­ued. You may en­joy get­ting away from rou­tine and do­ing some­thing un­usual for a change this sun­day. Some­one near you, a neigh­bor, friend or rel­a­tive, may have added re­spon­si­bil­i­ties this week­end. Vol­un­teer some of your time; he or she will be ap­pre­cia­tive. When it comes to fi­nances, you al­ways seem to have an an­gel watch­ing over you. Of course, this does not mean you can throw cau­tion to the wind and take risks. If you wanted to shop for a new win­ter coat or be­gin to pur­chase gifts for the up­com­ing hol­i­day cel­e­bra­tions, this af­ter­noon would be a good time to shop. Your dreams and ideals are the num­ber-one com­po­nent for ac­tion in your chart. Dare to dream!

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