127,408 el­i­gi­ble vot­ers in 4th con­stituency

Kuwait Times - - LOCAL - KUWAIT: Kuwaitis gather at the elec­tion head­quar­ters of fourth con­stituency can­di­date Osama AlMu­nawer. — Photo by Yasser Al-Zayyat

KUWAIT: The to­tal elec­torate for the up­com­ing elec­tions due on Novem­ber 26 stands at 483,186, in­clud­ing 230,430 males and 252,756 fe­males. The num­ber of el­i­gi­ble vot­ers in the fourth con­stituency had reached 127,408 with 67,914 fe­males. The cur­rent fig­ure is an in­crease by 13,723 vot­ers which is around 2.84 per­cent from the num­bers reg­is­tered in the pre­vi­ous elec­tions in July of 2016. The fourth con­stituency rep­re­sent 26.36 per­cent of the to­tal num­ber of vot­ers na­tion­wide.

Vot­ers of this con­stituency are res­i­dents of 18 ar­eas: Far­waniya with 5,346 (in­clud­ing 2,253 fe­males), AlFer­dous with 17,643 (in­clud­ing 8,900 fe­males), AlO­mariya with 5,225 (in­clud­ing 2,652 fe­males), Al-Rabiya with 5,750 (in­clud­ing 2,941 fe­males), Al-Ri­gaie and AlAn­dalous with 8,197 (with 4,846 in­clud­ing fe­males), and Jleeb Al-Shuy­oukh with 4,922 (in­clud­ing 2,244 fe­males).

The con­stituency also con­sists of Sabah Al-Nasser with 7,679 (in­clud­ing 4, 643 fe­males), Al-Re­hab with 1,677 (in­clud­ing 4,107 fe­males), Al-Ad­hailiya with 20 male vot­ers only, Al-Arad­hiya with 13,468 (with 7,544 fe­males), Ish­bilya with 1,488 (in­clud­ing 738 fe­males), Ab­dul­lah Al-Mubarak with 4,014 (in­clud­ing 1,754 fe­males), new Jahra area with 23,857 (in­clud­ing 13,304 fe­males), Al-Su­laibiya and govern­ment hous­ing ar­eas with 2,061 (in­clud­ing 1,842 fe­males), Saad Al-Ab­dul­lah city with 4,416 (in­clud­ing 1,742 fe­males), and Jahra and Al-Bar with 19,215 (in­clud­ing 10,081 fe­males). No vot­ers were reg­is­tered in Al-Shi­dadiya and Sai­had Al-Awazim.


Can­di­dates of the fourth con­stituency for the Na­tional Assem­bly elec­tions for the 15th leg­isla­tive term, slated for 26 Novem­ber 2016, are pre­dom­i­nantly have high lev­els of ed­u­ca­tion. About 48 per­cent of them 40-49 years old. Out of the to­tal 116 nom­i­nees of the con­stituency, as the regis­tra­tion ended for the race, there are 68 (58.62 per­cent) with univer­sity de­grees; nine­teen (16.37 per­cent) carry diplo­mas; eigh­teen (15.51 per­cent) are high school grad­u­ates, and ten (8.62 per­cent) completed the in­ter­me­di­ate school.

Among the 68 nom­i­nees with aca­demic de­grees, 11 have Phds in ed­u­ca­tion, law, fam­ily medicine, ac­count­ing, busi­ness ad­min­is­tra­tion, po­lit­i­cal sci­ence, and teach­ing method­ol­ogy. Twelve nom­i­nees have MAs in mil­i­tary sciences, econ­omy, law, li­braries, in­for­ma­tion doc­u­ments, Is­lamic stud­ies, strate­gic man­age­ment, en­vi­ron­men­tal en­gi­neer­ing, and psy­cho­log­i­cal and ed­u­ca­tional guid­ance.

Forty-five BA hold­ing nom­i­nees stud­ied his­tory, avi­a­tion sci­ence, law, so­cial work, elec­tronic en­gi­neer­ing, elec­tri­cal en­gi­neer­ing, ar­chi­tec­tural en­gi­neer­ing, surgery, eco­nomic ge­og­ra­phy, ac­count­ing and po­lit­i­cal sciences. The 19 can­di­dates with diplo­mas are spe­cial­ized in busi­ness ad­min­is­tra­tion, elec­tronic en­gi­neer­ing, mil­i­tary sciences, po­lice sci­ence, or stud­ied at the Re­li­gious In­sti­tute.

As for the can­di­dates of the fourth con­stituency in the 2013 par­lia­men­tary elec­tions, they were 114; Fifty­five of them (48-24 per­cent) had univer­sity de­grees; Twenty (17.45 per­cent) had diplo­mas; Thirty-one (27.19 per­cent) were high school grad­u­ates, and seven (6.14 per­cent) can­di­dates completed the in­ter­me­di­ate school.

Among the 55 nom­i­nees with univer­sity de­grees, 10 had PHDS in e-govern­ment, mod­ern his­tory, Fiqh (Is­lamic jurispru­dence), strate­gic phi­los­o­phy, phi­los­o­phy of busi­ness ad­min­is­tra­tion, ed­u­ca­tion, po­lit­i­cal sci­ence, econ­omy and oral and den­tal surgery.

Thir­teen can­di­dates with MAs were qual­i­fied in man­age­ment, public law, in­ter­na­tional and diplo­matic re­la­tions, project man­age­ment, mil­i­tary sciences, Is­lamic stud­ies, fun­da­men­tals of ed­u­ca­tion, and busi­ness ad­min­is­tra­tion.

BA nom­i­nees, 32, were spe­cial­ized in in phys­i­cal ed­u­ca­tion, medicine, surgery, law, sci­ence, Sharia, ed­u­ca­tion, so­ci­ol­ogy, busi­ness ad­min­is­tra­tion, so­cial work, law, and civil en­gi­neer­ing. The twenty di­ploma can­di­dates stud­ied fire sci­ence, mil­i­tary sciences, po­lice sci­ence, elec­tron­ics, busi­ness ad­min­is­tra­tion, en­gi­neer­ing, civil­ian air­craft main­te­nance, med­i­cal emer­gen­cies, and avi­a­tion sci­ence.

2012 elec­tions

In the 2012 elec­tions, can­di­dates of the Fourth Con­stituency were 97. Nom­i­nees with univer­sity de­grees hit 44 (45.36 per­cent), the same fig­ure of the ones with diplo­mas and the high school grad­u­ates to­gether, 22 can­di­dates (22.68 per­cent) and 23 (23.71 per­cent) re­spec­tively. Pre­dom­i­nantly, most can­di­dates were 40-49 years old. Eight can­di­dates (8.24 per­cent) completed the in­ter­me­di­ate school.

Nine of the 44 nom­i­nees with aca­demic de­grees had PHDS in econ­omy, busi­ness ad­min­is­tra­tion, in­for­ma­tion man­age­ment, dis­tance learn­ing, phi­los­o­phy, me­chan­i­cal en­gi­neer­ing, medicine, lead­er­ship, ed­u­ca­tion poli­cies, and so­ci­ol­ogy. Nine nom­i­nees stud­ied law, teach­ing method­ol­ogy, qual­ity man­age­ment, mil­i­tary sciences, public law, and in­ter­na­tional re­la­tions.

Twenty-six BA hold­ing can­di­dates were qual­i­fied in the Ara­bic lan­guage, law, ed­u­ca­tion, Sharia, po­lit­i­cal sci­ence, econ­omy, busi­ness ad­min­is­tra­tion, ac­count­ing, com­merce, so­cial work and in­dus­trial en­gi­neer­ing.

The 22 nom­i­nees with diplo­mas had were spe­cial­ized in mil­i­tary sciences, man­age­ment, sec­re­tar­ial work, health sciences, me­chan­i­cal en­gi­neer­ing, elec­tron­ics, med­i­cal emer­gen­cies, so­cial work, tech­nol­ogy, safety and se­cu­rity, and ac­count­ing, or stud­ied at the Teach­ers’ In­sti­tute.


In terms of age, 56 of the Fourth Con­stituency nom­i­nees for the 2016 elec­tions are 40-49 years old, 48.27 per­cent of the to­tal can­di­dates. Forty-seven (40.5 per­cent) were 50 years old or over, and 13 (11.20 per­cent) were 30-39 years old.

In the 2013 elec­tions, 53 can­di­dates (46.49 per­cent) were 40-49 years old; 46 ones (40.35 per­cent) were 50 years old or over; fif­teen nom­i­nees (13.15 per­cent) were 30-39 years old. Can­di­dates for the 2012 elec­tions, in­cluded 50 nom­i­nees (51.54 per­cent) were 40-49 years old; 26 ones (26.80 per­cent) were 50 years old or over; and twenty-one nom­i­nees (21.64 per­cent) were 30-39 years old. —

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