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1. A bach­e­lor's de­gree in mu­sic. 5. An an­dro­gen (trade names Durabolin or Kabolin) that is used to treat testos­terone de­fi­ciency or breast can­cer or os­teo­poro­sis. 12. Floor cov­er­ing con­sist­ing of a piece of thick heavy fab­ric (usu­ally with nap or pile). 15. Chan­nel into a new di­rec­tion. 16. Hav­ing or show­ing pro­found knowl­edge. 17. A con­stel­la­tion in the south­ern hemi­sphere near Te­le­scopium and Norma. 18. A Chadic lan­guage spo­ken south of Lake Chad. 19. Mold­ing in the form of a ring. 20. Any tri­an­gu­lar fore-and-aft sail (set for­ward of the fore­mast) v 1. 21. Plant cul­ti­vated for its en­larged fleshy turnip-shaped ed­i­ble stem. 22. A unit of lu­mi­nous flux equal to the amount of light given out through a solid an­gle of 1 stera­dian by a point source of 1 can­dela in­ten­sity ra­di­at­ing uni­formly in all direc­tions. 24. A soft yel­low mal­leable duc­tile (triva­lent and uni­va­lent) me­tal­lic el­e­ment. 25. A re­li­gious be­lief of African ori­gin in­volv­ing witchcraft and sor­cery. 31. Ar­ti­fact con­sist­ing of soft or re­silient ma­te­rial used to fill or give shape or pro­tect or add com­fort. 34. Fid­dler crabs. 38. A loose sleeve­less outer gar­ment made from aba cloth. 39. An In­dian side dish of yo­gurt and chopped cu­cum­bers and spices. 43. Fal­low deer. 45. A mas­ter's de­gree in li­brary science. 46. City in north­ern Aus­tria on the Danube. 47. An hon­orary de­gree in science. 48. A white me­tal­lic el­e­ment that burns with a bril­liant light. 50. Wear­ing or pro­vided with cloth­ing. 52. A mem­ber of the Siouan peo­ple in­hab­it­ing the val­leys of the Platte and Mis­souri rivers in Ne­braska. 53. Yel­low-fever mos­qui­tos. 57. Highly sea­soned fatty sausage of pork and beef usu­ally dried. 62. Es­ti­ma­tion of the amount of lum­ber in a log. 65. Nor­mal re­laxed breath­ing. 68. Marine micro­organ­ism hav­ing a cal­care­ous shell with open­ings where pseu­dopods pro­trude. 69. The time of life be­tween the ages of 12 and 20. 72. An In­dian nurse­maid who looks af­ter chil­dren. 73. Weapons con­sid­ered col­lec­tively. 75. Tough pro­tec­tive cov­er­ing of the woody stems and roots of trees and other woody plants. 76. A Chris­tian hol­i­day cel­e­brat­ing the birth of Christ. 77. A ballplayer who is bat­ting. 78. The in­ner and longer of the two bones of the hu­man fore­arm.


1. A cof­fee cake fla­vored with orange rind and raisins and al­monds. 2. The sound made by a cat (or any sound re­sem­bling this). 3. God­dess of fate. 4. (bi­ol­ogy) Hav­ing or grow­ing on or from a pe­dun­cle or stalk. 5. Cubes of meat mar­i­nated and cooked on a skewer usu­ally with veg­eta­bles. 6. An Ara­bic speak­ing per­son who lives in Ara­bia or North Africa. 7. A painful swelling of the bursa of the first joint of the big toe. 8. Not di­vis­i­ble by two. 9. An imag­i­nary land in­hab­ited by tiny peo­ple (in Swift's Gul­liver's Trav­els). 10. A dis­tinct part that can be spec­i­fied sep­a­rately in a group of things that could be enu­mer­ated on a list. 11. Re­main­ing af­ter all de­duc­tions. 12. The sev­enth month of the Moslem cal­en­dar. 13. Bearded red­dish sheep of south­ern Asia. 14. The ver­ti­cal tri­an­gu­lar wall be­tween the slop­ing ends of gable roof. 23. Hav­ing un­de­sir­able or neg­a­tive qual­i­ties. 26. A soft sil­very me­tal­lic el­e­ment of the al­kali earth group. 27. An in­de­pen­dent agency of the United States gov­ern­ment re­spon­si­ble for col­lect­ing and co­or­di­nat­ing in­tel­li­gence and coun­ter­in­tel­li­gence ac­tiv­i­ties abroad in the na­tional in­ter­est. 28. Mild yel­low Dutch cheese made in balls. 29. A city in north­ern In­dia. 30. A burn cause by hot liq­uid or steam. 32. Lower in es­teem. 33. Be­ing nine more than ninety. 35. United States fem­i­nist and suf­frag­ist (1793-1880). 36. A mid­west­ern state in north cen­tral United States in the Great Lakes re­gion. 37. (Scot­tish) Bluish-black or gray-blue. 40. Genus of erect herbs of the Mid­dle East hav­ing showy flow­ers. 41. Mus­lims col­lec­tively and their civ­i­liza­tion. 42. A rounded pro­jec­tion or pro­tu­ber­ance. 44. (in­for­mal) Of the high­est qual­ity. 49. State in north­east­ern In­dia. 51. (psy­chol­ogy) An urge to ac­cept or ap­proach a sit­u­a­tion or an ob­ject. 54. Ba­sic prin­ci­ples of the cos­mos. 55. Any of var­i­ous orchids of the genus Ble­tia hav­ing pseudo-bulbs and erect leaf­less racemes of large pur­ple or pink flow­ers. 56. An es­ter of adeno­sine that is con­verted to ATP for en­ergy stor­age. 58. A soft white pre­cious uni­va­lent me­tal­lic el­e­ment hav­ing the high­est elec­tri­cal and ther­mal con­duc­tiv­ity of any metal. 59. Stead­fast in al­le­giance or duty. 60. Ac­quire or gain knowl­edge or skills. 61. The cap­i­tal and largest city of Bangladesh. 63. Solid swollen un­der­ground bulb-shaped stem or stem base and serv­ing as a re­pro­duc­tive struc­ture. 64. A girl or young woman who is un­mar­ried. 66. A per­son who makes use of a thing. 67. (Baby­lo­nian) God of wis­dom and agri­cul­ture and pa­tron of scribes and schools. 70. A newt in its ter­res­trial stage of de­vel­op­ment. 71. Take in solid food. 74. A small pel­let fired from an air ri­fle or BB gun.

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