Where are your slo­gans?

Kuwait Times - - FROM THE ARABIC PRESS - By Ali Mah­moud Kha­jah

If we can, as Ab­dul Rah­man Al-An­jeri says, for­get about the rea­son why boy­cotters changed their minds and started rac­ing to run for par­lia­men­tary elec­tions de­spite their pre­vi­ous vows and calls and slo­gans of steadi­ness, these ‘shifters’, as de­scribed by Saleh Al-Mulla, thought that tak­ing part is bet­ter than boy­cotting. They shifted sides with­out even apol­o­giz­ing for all the in­sults and sar­casm against those who had taken part be­fore them, though I think that our elec­tions are more as­so­ci­ated with so­cial re­la­tions than with po­lit­i­cal at­ti­tudes.

Gen­er­ally speak­ing, let us go back to the op­po­si­tion’s ar­gu­ments in the past few years. The de­mands made by the so-called ma­jor­ity mainly re­lied on hav­ing an elected Cab­i­net with­out even de­ter­min­ing how such a Cab­i­net would look. Some of them even went as far as declar­ing in pub­lic that Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak would be the last non­elected prime min­is­ter. The ma­jor­ity also took group pho­tos mak­ing signs in­di­cat­ing the call for hav­ing an elected Cab­i­net.

Why did the slo­gans they called for over the past four years as a base for the sought re­forms van­ish?

Now that they have changed their minds about boy­cotting the elec­tions and most of the ‘ma­jor­ity’ mem­bers are back, and after fol­low­ing up what most of them said in sem­i­nars held dur­ing their elec­toral cam­paigns, I found noth­ing about de­mands to have an elected Cab­i­net. What on earth has changed? Why did the slo­gans they called for over the past four years as a base for the sought re­forms van­ish? Were they wrong in such de­mands? Why did they not back them up? Were they or­dered to stop such de­mands and fo­cus on other goals, such as chang­ing the speaker, for in­stance? Will Kuwaiti vot­ers ac­cept such de­ceit and let by­gones be by­gones and adapt to the new par­tic­i­pants’ wishes?

These are all ques­tions for which I can­not find an­swers, and I can­not imag­ine any­body who de­cides to vote for them would ig­nore them with­out clear rea­son and jus­ti­fi­ca­tion of giv­ing up their sole de­mand in pre­vi­ous pe­ri­ods!

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