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Kuwait Times - - FROM THE ARABIC PRESS - By Saleh Al-Shayeji

If we can read a book by a glimpse at its cover, the re­cently an­nounced re­sults of the par­lia­men­tary elec­tions in­di­cate that the new par­lia­ment is not likely to lead to po­lit­i­cal seren­ity that would ul­ti­mately help the coun­try’s greater good, which in­di­cates its fail­ure and short ten­ure. I will not go as far as de­scrib­ing the elec­tion re­sults as knives bought by the can­di­dates to slaugh­ter their coun­try with. How­ever, re­al­ity is no dif­fer­ent from this im­age. I hope my read­ers will not take this as pes­simistic. It is, un­for­tu­nately, the clear truth and facts can be bit­ter and ugly.

With such a par­lia­ment in our coun­try, we are in sync with what is go­ing on in sur­round­ing Arab coun­tries

The break­throughs made by some young peo­ple who made their way into the par­lia­ment by vot­ers sup­port is the only good thing achieved by bring­ing this par­lia­ment to of­fice. How­ever, it will not change the fact or calm the pos­si­ble ten­sion. It won’t turn bat­tle­fields into flowery gar­dens be­cause na­tional con­scious­ness or the coun­try’s greater good are not the judges here. Judg­ing will be done by po­lit­i­cally de­mo­niz­ing oth­ers and pulling strings with for­eign mo­tives.

Arab coun­tries no longer de­ter­mine their fate, in­ter­ests or ge­o­graph­i­cal borders. All these things are done by pres­sur­iz­ing ef­fec­tive re­gional pow­ers that have great ac­cess into those coun­tries us­ing the so-called politi­cians and par­lia­men­tar­i­ans. Sit­u­a­tions in Iraq and Le­banon are the best ex­am­ples of this be­cause de­spite the prob­lems and crises these two coun­tries are still suf­fer­ing from, noth­ing has changed in them or the politi­cians dom­i­nat­ing them for ages.

So, with such a par­lia­ment in our coun­try, we are in sync with what is go­ing on in sur­round­ing Arab coun­tries. The only hope, if any ever ex­ists, is in the in­de­pen­dent MPs who do not have any for­eign agen­das. They are more ac­cepted by the peo­ple and will have to form a spe­cial bloc to re­sist those with agen­das, oth­er­wise we will be in real dan­ger!

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