Who will taste the bit­ter drink of re­al­ity?

Kuwait Times - - FROM THE ARABIC PRESS - By Ab­del­latif Al-Duaij

The struc­ture of the Na­tional Assem­bly is just the same, just like the na­ture and di­rec­tion of the vot­ers who pro­duced this assem­bly, as these re­sults are the selections of the Kuwaiti vot­ers. There is no doubt that the new faces seem to be promis­ing, and that there are sea­sonal par­lia­men­tary ex­perts such as Ab­dul­lah Al-Roumi, Walid Al-Ta­batabaei and Ja­maan Al-Har­bash, de­spite the dis­agree­ment be­tween the views of the lat­ter two and the demo­cratic sys­tem, but there still re­mains pop­ulism, the dom­i­nant trait of the new assem­bly.

It is true, that we do not know any­thing about the new MPs, and it is not our right to de­scribe them as pop­ulists, but this de­scrip­tion is not an imag­i­na­tion or a false ac­cu­sa­tion, rather it is a nat­u­ral as­sump­tion that we can as­sume judg­ing from the cir­cum­stances sur­round­ing the elec­tions and

Vot­ers re­placed mem­bers of the last assem­bly and se­lected those who they think will pre­serve their ‘wel­fare gains’

the rea­sons by ex-MPs were not re­elected. The Kuwaiti vot­ers re­placed mem­bers of the last assem­bly and se­lected those who they think will pre­serve their ‘wel­fare gains’, or those who promised to pre­serve and not com­pro­mise them. This means the cur­rent assem­bly is a pop­ulist one, which will def­i­nitely clash with the gov­ern­ment, and will no doubt end due to lack of co­op­er­a­tion.

The ex­pected lack of co­op­er­a­tion means dis­solv­ing of the Na­tional Assem­bly, and this mat­ter has been re­peated in the past few years in a way that makes it al­most like a bor­ing rou­tine. So, dis­solv­ing the Na­tional Assem­bly does not seem to be an easy de­ci­sion or an avail­able op­tion as it was in the past years. This leads to two things: ei­ther the gov­ern­ment gives in to the pop­ulist de­mands and con­tin­ues the cur­rent wel­fare pros­per­ity sys­tem, which means con­tin­ued de­pen­dence on oil and squan­der­ing of the na­tional wealth, or hav­ing the na­tion’s deputies feel the dan­ger, and choose to bow to the bit­ter re­al­ity in­stead of bow­ing to the wishes of their vot­ers.

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