Bril­liant Life of Pa­tri­otic De­vo­tion

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Five years have passed since Chair­man Kim Jong Il died. How­ever, his ca­reer de­voted to the pro­mo­tion of peo­ple’s wel­fare is still etched in the minds of the Korean peo­ple to­gether with his beam­ing im­age. Kim Jong Il held peo­ple’s wel­fare as the start­ing point of all his thoughts and ac­tiv­i­ties.

Kim Jong Il con­sid­ered it the goal of his life to de­vote his all for peo­ple’s wel­fare. He for­mu­lated and im­ple­mented plans fo­cus­ing on their in­ter­ests. When he vis­ited dif­fer­ent units across the coun­try and for­eign coun­tries, he al­ways had his beloved peo­ple in mind.

He set it as a fun­da­men­tal prin­ci­ple in the ac­tiv­i­ties of the Work­ers’ Party of Korea to steadily im­prove the peo­ple’s stan­dard of liv­ing, and ad­vanced poli­cies in re­flec­tion of their de­mands and as­pi­ra­tions. The eco­nomic construction in the Songun era on de­vel­op­ing the de­fense in­dus­try on a pri­or­ity ba­sis and light in­dus­try and agri­cul­ture in parallel, and pri­or­i­tiz­ing sci­ence and tech­nol­ogy, the pol­icy of agri­cul­tural rev­o­lu­tion and many other poli­cies of the rev­o­lu­tion and construction are as­so­ci­ated with the painstak­ing ef­forts of Kim Jong Il for the sake of the Korean peo­ple.

The Chair­man made sure the peo­ple-first prin­ci­ple was thor­oughly ap­plied to all realms of so­cial life. With his noble view in peo­ple, he be­lieved in them and gave fullest play to their in­ex­haustible strength. Kim Jong Il de­voted his all for the well­be­ing of the peo­ple. He re­garded the beloved peo­ple as the most pre­cious be­ings that can be bartered for noth­ing, and found his plea­sure and hap­pi­ness in theirs.

Kim Jong Il en­sured that trains and buses were run ex­clu­sively for a small num­ber of stu­dents in moun­tain vil­lages. When he vis­ited the Hwang­hae Iron and Steel Com­plex, he took steps to set up a high-end hos­pi­tal for pro­mot­ing the health of the work­ers, say­ing the smelters must be given pri­or­ity over the dis­charge of molten iron.

When­ever he ex­am­ined any ob­ject and ar­ti­cle, he paid his pri­mary at­ten­tion to whether they are to the peo­ple’s lik­ing, fo­cus­ing on their de­mands, tastes, con­ve­niences and in­ter­ests. In De­cem­ber Juche 100 (2011), the last month of his great life, he vis­ited the amuse­ment park of Kae­son Youth Park de­spite the cold weather. He stressed that due at­ten­tion should be paid to the man­age­ment of the park lest vis­i­tors ex­pe­ri­ence the slight­est in­con­ve­nience. The Korean peo­ple still re­mem­ber vividly the beam­ing im­age of the leader who showed great con­cern for their wel­fare.

By train he vis­ited in­dus­trial es­tab­lish­ments and ru­ral and fish­ing vil­lages and other parts of the coun­try. A great up­surge was achieved in pro­duc­tion in all sec­tors and a broad av­enue opened for im­prov­ing the peo­ple’s stan­dard of liv­ing.

In­deed, Kim Jong Il burnt his heart with ar­dent love and self-sac­ri­fic­ing de­vo­tion for his peo­ple. Till the last mo­ment of his life, he continued a high-in­ten­sity forced march of field guid­ance for the well-be­ing of his peo­ple, be­fore pass­ing away on a train. His trips for the good of his peo­ple cov­ered a to­tal dis­tance of 669,844 km, equiv­a­lent to that of go­ing around the earth nearly 17 times.

In ret­ro­spect, his life is adorned with de­vo­tion and ar­dent love for the peo­ple. The Korean peo­ple are now look­ing back with deep emo­tion on the ex­ploits he per­formed for the peo­ple through­out his life, and are vig­or­ously step­ping up the build­ing of a powerful so­cial­ist coun­try to trans­late the wishes of Kim Jong Il into bril­liant re­al­ity in full sup­port of their supreme leader Kim Jong Un’s lead­er­ship.

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