An­cient re­mains found in Sub­biya

Could be older than Failaka ru­ins: Pro­fes­sor

Kuwait Times - - LOCAL - By Hanan Al-Saadoun

KUWAIT: Kuwait Univer­sity (KU) pro­fes­sors be­lieve that rem­nants found re­cently at an area lo­cated north of Kuwait could even be older than Failaka’s ru­ins, which date back to as early as 2,000 BC. The rem­nants found re­cently in Sub­biya likely belong to civ­i­liza­tions that ex­isted in the area, as they in­clude what could be grave yards of no­bles. “Through the science of an­tiq­ui­ties, it be­came clear the area was in­hab­ited be­cause of the tem­ple grave­yards and houses “found there),” said Dr Ah­mad Saeed, a his­tory pro­fes­sor at KU.

Dr Saeed was one of many pro­fes­sors who ac­com­pa­nied his­tory and an­tiq­ui­ties stu­dents in a trip or­ga­nized by the his­tory depart­ment at KU to Sub­biya last Satur­day. Other pro­fes­sors in­clude Dr Sul­tan Al-Duwaish, Re­searcher Dr Fa­had Al-Wuhaibi, Dr Sayyed Mah­fouz, Dr Faisal Al-Waz­zan, Dr Ah­mad Al-Has­san, Dr Ha­mad Al-Qah­tani and Dr Mai Al-Shawad. Head of his­tory depart­ment Dr Ab­dal­lah AlHa­jiri was also present.

Mean­while, Dr Duwaish said that os­trich eggs were found in large quan­ti­ties at the site, in ad­di­tion to beads and mall amounts of clay. He said a seal was found that dates to the fourth mil­len­nium BC. His­tory and an­tiq­ui­ties ex­perts will con­tinue work­ing on the site with hopes of re­veal­ing more in­for­ma­tion about the civ­i­liza­tions that could have in­hab­ited the area, Dr Duwaish ex­plained.

KUWAIT: Kuwait Univer­sity his­tory and an­tiq­ui­ties pro­fes­sors and stu­dents ex­am­ine a site in Sub­biya where they say an­cient re­mains were found.

Dr Sul­tan Al-Duwaish speaks dur­ing the stu­dents’ visit.

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