It’s high time we worked

Kuwait Times - - FROM THE ARABIC PRESS - By Yousif Al-Jassem

Now that all elec­toral and po­lit­i­cal con­flicts, bat­tles and ar­gu­ments are over, and par­lia­men­tary seats, the speak­er­ship and par­lia­men­tary com­mit­tees’ mem­ber­ship is de­ter­mined, it is high time we started work­ing. Nowa­days, we need ac­com­plish­ments as much as we needed ar­gu­ments a few days ago. Roadmaps are now very clear for each and ev­ery one of the 50 law­mak­ers who are now in of­fice be­cause of the prom­ises and vi­sions they made and dis­cussed with vot­ers. Now they have ac­cess to plans and stud­ies that have not been ex­e­cuted or par­tially ex­e­cuted. They have clear tar­gets of fi­nan­cial and ad­min­is­tra­tive cor­rup­tion the coun­try has been suf­fer­ing from.

The peo­ple are start­ing a new phase with the 2016 par­lia­ment and they have a fully in­te­grated scene of use­less and point­less at­ti­tudes and the­ses. They also have full per­cep­tion of each group’s ca­pa­bil­ity to talk and work at the same time in­stead of work as­so­ci­ated with de­struc­tion. They are very fed up with ac­cel­er­a­tion of ten­sions to achieve per­sonal gains and pick fights with wind­mills with­out any ben­e­fit for the peo­ple. They are fed up with act­ing hero­ically by crit­i­ciz­ing oth­ers rather than work­ing and mak­ing achieve­ments with the only aim of pick­ing side fights to hide their weak­nesses and en­chant those who find joy in watch­ing bloody cock­fights.

Our coun­try has had enough talk and needs more work be­cause many chances and op­por­tu­ni­ties have been wasted. Be­sides, we have many fi­nan­cial and moral lo­cal and for­eign chal­lenges and con­flicts and byzan­tine ar­gu­ments will do us no good. The peo­ple have por­trayed the form of the par­lia­ment they wanted. They made the change every­body had been call­ing for. Re­gard­less of our opin­ion about the new Cabi­net for­ma­tion, the peo­ple de­serve that both pow­ers work on ac­com­plish­ing what is al­ready de­layed to make up for pre­vi­ous fail­ures and dis­ap­point­ments.

— Trans­lated by Kuwait Times

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