New year res­o­lu­tion to get rid of so­cial me­dia

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Nearly 78% say they want to quit so­cial me­dia but fear of los­ing friends. New Year brings new res­o­lu­tions. One of the most com­monly ob­served res­o­lu­tions is peo­ple de­ter­min­ing to get rid of their so­cial me­dia ac­counts in an ef­fort to uti­lize their time more fruit­fully. But how easy is it to achieve? Re­search con­ducted by cy­ber­se­cu­rity firm Kasper­sky Lab shows that a vast ma­jor­ity of peo­ple want to leave so­cial net­works, be­cause it is con­sid­ered a waste of time. Ac­cord­ing to the sur­vey, peo­ple only stay on so­cial me­dia such as Face­book, In­sta­gram etc. be­cause they fear los­ing dig­i­tal mem­o­ries and con­tact with their friends.

Keep­ing in touch with friends may be a dif­fi­cult prob­lem to solve, but Kasper­sky Lab is work­ing on a so­lu­tion to help peo­ple save their dig­i­tal mem­o­ries. An app called FFFor­get, will al­low peo­ple to back up all of their mem­o­ries from the so­cial net­works they use and keep them in a safe, en­crypted mem­ory con­tainer. The app is ex­pected to give peo­ple the free­dom to leave any net­work when­ever they want, with­out los­ing out. Pre­vi­ous re­search has high­lighted a strong ten­dency for peo­ple to use dig­i­tal de­vices as an ex­ter­nal part of their mem­ory. Stud­ies have also demon­strated that peo­ple can­not re­sist check­ing their so­cial me­dia con­ver­sa­tions and sta­tus up­dates on their phones.

How­ever, this lat­est sur­vey in­di­cates that users are ac­tu­ally self-crit­i­cal and aware of their fix­a­tion 39% of re­spon­dents said they be­lieve they are wast­ing time on so­cial net­works. 78% stated that they have al­ready con­sid­ered leav­ing so­cial net­works be­hind them. De­spite an in­cli­na­tion to leave their so­cial net­works, peo­ple are com­pelled to stay. A vast ma­jor­ity (62 %) be­lieve they would lose con­tact with their friends if they left so­cial net­works. 21 per­cent of re­spon­dents were less wor­ried about their friends, but were afraid they would not be able to re­cover their dig­i­tal mem­o­ries - such as pho­tos on­cethey had left a so­cial net­work.

“So­cial net­works can be a ben­e­fit or a haz­ard. If they are a ben­e­fit, it’s not our prob­lem. We be­lieve that ev­ery per­son has a right to freely de­cide which plat­forms to use or to leave at all times. True dig­i­tal free­dom is not a mat­ter of hav­ing to make sac­ri­fices. We want peo­ple to get back in the driv­ing seat by be­ing able to own an en­crypted copy of all their dig­i­tal mem­o­ries at all times,” says Evgeny Cheresh­nev, Head of So­cial Me­dia at Kasper­sky Lab. “With FFFor­get we want to cre­ate a so­lu­tion which keeps peo­ple from be­ing afraid of los­ing their mem­o­ries to ac­count dam­age or hack­ing at­tacks. And most im­por­tantly - peo­ple us­ing the app would win back their right to quit any so­cial net­work at any time with­out los­ing what be­longs to them - their dig­i­tal lives.”

FFFor­get is planned for 2017. In­ter­ested users can reg­is­ter at fffor­get.kasper­ to give feed­back and in­flu­ence the scope of the app. They will also get up­dates, in­sights and early ac­cess to the pub­lic beta when it will be avail­able. Kasper­sky Lab con­ducted an on­line sur­vey amongst 4831 re­spon­dents. The sur­vey, con­tain­ing eight ques­tions, was trans­lated into nine lan­guages: English, Span­ish, Por­tuguese, French, Ital­ian, Ger­man, Rus­sian, Ja­panese and Turk­ish, and pro­grammed us­ing Poll Daddy. The link to sur­vey was dis­sem­i­nated us­ing paid Face­book and Twit­ter pro­mo­tions.

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