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The fol­low­ing dia­logue took place be­tween Warqa bin No­ufal and Khadija bint Khuwaylid (wife of Prophet Muham­mad PBUH): Khadija: Cousin...were you jok­ing when you said that the light of prophecy will come out of my house? Warqa: I swear I did not, Khadija. To­rah and Bi­ble sources have pointed that the light of prophecy will come out of Makkah in these days. Khadija: Will it be one of my chil­dren? Warqa: No. Khadija: A hus­band, then? Warqa: I know not. Why are you so keen on know­ing? Khadija: Be­cause my cousin Ha­keem ibn Hezam pro­posed to me. Could he be the light of the prophecy the Bi­ble and To­rah re­fer to? Warqa: I do not know. But Ha­keem prays to idols, and Al­lah’s light through his mes­sen­gers would never al­low that. Ac­cord­ingly, Khadija re­jected her cousin’s pro­posal, and he in­quired: Ha­keem: Is there any­one in the Qu­raish who de­serves you more? Khadija: Dear cousin, you are truly fine and one of the most gen­er­ous. But I have an or­phan son to take care of.

Ha­keem: You are the rich­est in Qu­raish and you will eas­ily find some­body to take care of him. You can even hire slaves and ser­vants to do so.

Khadija: Dear cousin, I have no wish to get mar­ried. Hezam then left Makkah and trav­elled to the Le­vant. A while later, he ac­ci­den­tally met Khadija’s ser­vant, Maysarah:

Ha­keem: Well, Maysarah. Has Abu Taleb come out for trad­ing this year? Maysarah: Why do you ask? Ha­keem: Be­cause I see his nephew Muham­mad stand­ing near the camels.

Maysarah: They are your cousin Khadija’s camels. Ha­keem: Why is Muham­mad stand­ing near them?

Maysarah: He works for my lady as she had heard about his hon­esty and truth­ful­ness. Ha­keem: Well, she made a good choice.

Maysarah: One day, she sum­moned me and started ask­ing about Muham­mad, then asked me to bring him over. He was too shy to look her into the eye when she asked him to run her busi­ness.

Soon the con­voy re­turned to Makkah and Maysarah rushed to his lady:

Maysarah: Mi­lady, al­though scores of peo­ple were re­spon­si­ble for your busi­ness on var­i­ous pre­vi­ous trips, we have never made as much profit as with Muham­mad.

Khadija: I am hap­pier to hear about his man­ners dur­ing the trip.

A few days later, Abu Taleb pro­poses for Khadija on be­half of his nephew Muham­mad (PBUH), and Warqa an­nounces the news amongst the Qu­raish:

Warqa: Oh, peo­ple of Qu­raish, be my wit­nesses that I have given Qu­raish’s chaste woman to Qu­raish’s honest man in mar­riage.

And yes, a few years later, the light of Muham­mad’s (PBUH) prophecy shines from Khadija’s house!

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