Bear crashes through window of a bed­room

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A huge crash jolted 11-yearold Zach Lan­dis awake in his Anchorage home, but it soon be­came clear it wasn’t a hu­man in­truder or his sis­ters play­ing a trick on him. A black bear had bro­ken through the gar­den-level window of Zach’s tiny bed­room and was whim­per­ing like a scared dog in the room. Zach screamed, and the man­sized an­i­mal bolted out the window and dis­ap­peared, the boy re­called Fri­day about the Mon­day night en­counter at his home on a large, thickly wooded lot.

The boy scram­bled over the shat­tered glass and ran up­stairs to tell his par­ents. “Mom, Dad, there’s a bear in my room,” he blurted. His mother, Alisa Lan­dis, told him he just had a bad dream and that he could sleep with her and his father. No, no, no, it was a bear, Zach in­sisted, adding the an­i­mal had climbed out the window. At that point, his mother said, it must be an in­truder. His father, Jon Lan­dis, went down­stairs to check and found the shat­tered window. “Call 911,” he shouted.

No one was hurt, just shaken up. The an­i­mal left claw marks in the room, as well as black hair and a few smudges of blood. Plus, the bear smelled like a wet, dirty dog and left be­hind a pow­er­ful stench. “The odor lin­gered for hours,” Alisa Lan­dis said. It was the lat­est en­counter be­tween bears and hu­mans this sum­mer in the na­tion’s largest state, in­clud­ing four maul­ings in the past two weeks. Two peo­ple were killed by black bears in what are be­lieved to be rare preda­tory at­tacks, but preda­tory be­hav­ior is not be­lieved to have been what drove the bear in Mon­day’s res­i­den­tial visit.

That bear ap­peared to find it­self in the house by ac­ci­dent and it quickly fled, state Fish and Game of­fi­cials said. The Lan­dis fam­ily just re­turned to Alaska last fall af­ter leav­ing the state about a decade ago. In the last cou­ple of weeks, they’ve had their share of bear ex­pe­ri­ences. Be­fore the bed­room es­capade, they saw an­other, smaller black bear cross­ing a busy street in south Anchorage dur­ing a fam­ily bike ride. And on Wed­nes­day, they dis­cov­ered a bear had bro­ken into a trash bin, pulling out a garbage bag, which was slit open like it was done with a sharp knife.

Their neigh­bors also saw a large black bear in the days be­fore the window ca­per. “We don’t live in a state of fear or be­ing para­noid or any­thing,” Alisa Lan­dis said. “But we’re also much more cau­tious and more alert to check­ing your sur­round­ings.” The day af­ter the in­ci­dent, state Fish and Game bi­ol­o­gist Cory Stan­torf vis­ited the home to talk to the fam­ily and try to de­ter­mine what hap­pened. Like the Lan­dis fam­ily, he spec­u­lates that the bear might have seen its re­flec­tion in the window and charged at it.—AP

— AP

ALASKA: Alisa Lan­dis (left) and her 11-year-old son, Zach, ex­plain how a black bear crashed through Zach’s bed­room window in Anchorage, Alaska, Fri­day, June 30, 2017.

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