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Aries (March 21-April 19)

You may find your­self awake at an early hour this morn­ing. You could be help­ing some­one move or driv­ing some­one to the air­port. What­ever the case, you are avail­able to help. Sym­pa­thy and un­der­stand­ing are emo­tional qual­i­ties that take on a greater im­por­tance now. Even though it is the top of the morn­ing when you help this per­son, you are re­flec­tive and may be a mir­ror for this per­son's fo­cus. You are equality-minded and easy to talk with-a good me­di­a­tor as well. As a so­cia­ble and slightly friv­o­lous ori­en­ta­tion sets in this af­ter­noon, you may find your­self plan­ning a neigh­bor­hood get-to­gether. There is time to re­lax-per­haps a mas­sage or some leisure time in a pool. You are driven to ex­cel in any form of phys­i­cal or cre­ative ex­pres­sion to­day.

Tau­rus (April 20-May 20)

You are good at re­la­tions re­gard­ing pol­i­tics, diplo­macy and sales-not to men­tion con­sid­er­ate and help­ful. This is a good day for you to deal in sales or pre­sen­ta­tions. You have an in­ner urge to be all things to all peo­ple and would rather bend than ar­gue. You will be help­ing a friend to­day be­cause you are will­ing to lis­ten and not crit­i­cize. You are a nat­u­ral diplo­mat, al­ways con­cerned with the com­fort and wel­fare of oth­ers. You stay in the back­ground, but are able to ma­nip­u­late and bring out co­op­er­a­tion in oth­ers ev­ery time. A real es­tate pro­fes­sion is some­thing you might se­ri­ously con­sider. This is a day you should en­joy-re­lax. With your strong drive to do and ac­com­plish, ev­ery bit of re­lax­ation you get will be ben­e­fi­cial.

Gem­ini (May 21-June 20)

Pro­gres­sive peo­ple and ide­al­is­tic groups or con­cepts play a more im­por­tant role in your life now-a new cy­cle be­gins. There is a con­cern for some­thing big­ger than any one per­son-per­haps an in­ter­est in civic af­fairs or even some new re­cy­cling tech­nique. You are very com­mu­nica­tive, flex­i­ble, men­tal and other-ori­ented to­day. You will find many, par­tic­u­larly young peo­ple, lis­ten to your ideas and ad­vice. Your laser-like mind makes con­ver­sa­tions fast-paced and il­lu­mi­nat­ing. A ready wit and a great sense of hu­mor cre­ate a re­ward­ing day. You may join a self-help group or find your­self talk­ing about a self-help book to a close friend this evening. What­ever the case, you have in­sight into your own emo­tions and drive. You can be a good men­tor.

Can­cer (June 21-July 22)

Easy does it-this is one of those busy days. If you need to con­cen­trate on a par­tic­u­lar chore, it would be a good idea to sug­gest that oth­ers ei­ther help you or leave you alone to do your work. This way, you will not get as many in­ter­rup­tions-and who knows-some­one might help you with your spe­cial chore or project. A fam­ily gather­ing may be planned for later this day, per­haps a pic­nic. Tonight could com­plete your lit­tle gather­ing with a nearby out­door con­cert. A mu­sic fes­ti­val or some other type of fun ac­tiv­ity with lots of chil­dren and unique ex­hibits just gives ev­ery­one the per­fect op­por­tu­nity to get to know each other bet­ter. There are op­por­tu­ni­ties to teach young peo­ple a sense of shar­ing and sup­port of each other.

Leo (July 23-Au­gust 22)

Hav­ing and ap­pre­ci­at­ing things of beauty and value plays a big role in your life at this time. Mak­ing the most of what you have, striv­ing for se­cu­rity and sta­bil­ity: that's the im­pulse that stirs in you now. You find your­self talk­ing about in­vest­ing and may even have a per­sonal plan. Pro­vided you do not spend the en­tire bud­get on the fancy things that catch your eye, a shop­ping ex­pe­di­tion can be a fi­nan­cially fa­vor­able one for you now. Cir­cum­stances may ex­pand your ap­pre­ci­a­tion and en­joy­ment of your life sit­u­a­tion. Your sys­tem of values may deepen, pro­vid­ing you with a bet­ter sense of dis­crim­i­na­tion and good taste. There is a de­sire to pur­chase items and you might for­get when to stop adding to your bas­ket. You are in­spired to write poetry.

Virgo (Au­gust 23-Septem­ber 22)

You are not bound by re­la­tion­ships and are thus not much of a do­mes­tic. You find it easy to work with other peo­ple and tend to pour a lot of en­ergy into those around you. For­eign af­fairs may catch your at­ten­tion at this time. Per­haps an in­vest­ment you are think­ing about is be­gin­ning to show quite an up­swing in po­ten­tial. You will find sup­port from oth­ers when you turn your at­ten­tion to health, food, nu­tri­tion and ar­eas where ser­vice or at­ten­tion to de­tail is in high fo­cus. You may en­joy work­ing with a group of peo­ple that have sim­i­lar think­ing or pol­i­tics. With your pow­er­ful spirit, you en­joy your strong emo­tions and have an ac­tive so­cial life. There are op­por­tu­ni­ties to show off your charm­ing side this evening at an up­scale so­cial af­fair.

Li­bra (Septem­ber 23-Oc­to­ber 22)

You are very much the crea­ture of habit. The en­cir­cling net­work of friends and re­la­tion­ships are cru­cial to your suc­cess or lack thereof from time to time. You are nour­ished in great mea­sure by the at­mos­phere and con­di­tions you are able to set up. You may, how­ever, tend to fluc­tu­ate be­tween unin­spired rou­tine and crazy binges. For the next few days you may want to spend some time in or­ga­niz­ing your thoughts and goals-mak­ing lists. Do not for­get to walk around your home and make any nec­es­sary notes about up­dates. This is a good time to change the air fil­ters, set out a soaker hose, clean vents, etc. En­joy a bit of time away from work and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, per­haps by short trips to fun places this week­end. Con­sider cre­at­ing a but­ter­fly gar­den.

Scor­pio (Oc­to­ber 23-Novem­ber 21)

It is easy for you to ex­press your­self to oth­ers-you al­ways man­age to make a good ap­pear­ance. You have an easy man­ner and find it easy to com­mu­ni­cate with just about any­one. You like beau­ti­ful sur­round­ings, ev­ery­thing that is calm, taste­ful and har­mo­nious. You may be plan­ning a wa­ter gar­den for those hot sum­mer daysmaybe a few gold­fish. This af­ter­noon you will find your­self in­volved in sev­eral fun con­ver­sa­tions with those you love. You are very giv­ing, con­cil­ia­tory and even flat­ter­ing in re­la­tion­ships, able to ad­just to any sit­u­a­tion. Bud­get re­straints are def­i­nitely needed so that some item you want in the fu­ture will be­come more at­tain­able. Sug­ges­tions by young mem­bers in the fam­ily will give you new ideas.

Sagit­tar­ius (Novem­ber 22-De­cem­ber 21)

You would like your con­ver­sa­tions and think­ing to stay some­where near the sur­face to­day. This is a day of rest, and deep prob­lem-solv­ing con­ver­sa­tions are cer­tainly not on your to-do list. You can cre­ate new sub­jects eas­ily with all the in­ter­ests you have. You will en­joy your friends to­day-you love to in­ter­act with them. There may be an oc­ca­sion to teach some­one how to write mu­sic or to put one of your po­ems to mu­sic. You ap­pre­ci­ate change, va­ri­ety and mak­ing lo­cal con­nec­tions-there may be an open house or open­ing day for some new busi­ness. You have many av­enues to ex­plore this week­end and many pos­i­tive things to ac­com­plish. You are more at­trac­tive than usual. In­ti­macy with a per­son you love will go be­yond the usual.

Capri­corn (De­cem­ber 22-Jan­uary 19)

Cir­cum­stances may press you and tend to bring out the rebel in you. A lit­tle bi­cy­cle ride or just a change of scenery for a short while will help to bring your emo­tions back in bal­ance. Self-con­trol is the ac­cepted and ad­mired be­hav­ior, and you are able to re­spond in pos­i­tive ways. Cir­cum­stances work to­gether to bring out your ideals-mak­ing it eas­ier to make your dreams real. You are very orig­i­nal when it comes to home and sur­round­ings-the environment you build around you. This could also man­i­fest in new ideas for un­usual ways of sup­port­ing your­self in the fu­ture. Get out­side and be with friends this af­ter­noon-en­joy a breath of fresh air! This evening, lit­er­a­ture is on your mind. That book you want to write or read may hold your at­ten­tion.

Aquar­ius (Jan­uary 20- Fe­bru­ary 18)

There are changes around your house­hold that may not be the most pleas­ant for you. Change would be eas­ier if you could have more con­trol. How­ever, if you are pay­ing for th­ese changes, you have the power! This doesn't mean you could be bossy, but it does mean you could be­come more in­flu­en­tial with the price, color, style, etc. If you do not care about any of th­ese, the changes will prob­a­bly stay. Pro­gres­sive peo­ple and ide­al­is­tic groups or con­cepts play an im­por­tant role in your life. This may be a spe­cial day when you have been look­ing for­ward to a trip to a mu­seum, art show or the open­ing night of a play where a fam­ily mem­ber is per­form­ing. You en­joy a bit of cul­ture from time to time and this ex­pe­ri­ence is spe­cial.

Pisces (Fe­bru­ary 19-March 20)

Ev­ery­thing points to your tak­ing the lead in to­day's ac­tiv­i­ties. You could feel great sup­port from those around you. You feel healthy and nat­u­ral. You will find that to­day is packed full of com­mu­ni­ca­tion with friends, es­pe­cially those you may not have seen in some time. Per­haps it is time for a re­union. Prac­ti­cal and ef­fec­tive ideas are the ones that make the most sense-putting them to good use is a fo­cus for you. Ma­te­rial things are fore­most on your mind in many re­spects; an em­pha­sis on the real rather than the ideal. This is the time you may de­cide to in­stall a porch in­stead of a deck. Now when com­pany comes, there will be a place to put them. If it is a porch with wide win­dows, you will en­joy sit­ting out there for med­i­ta­tions.

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