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A de­formed baby goat goes vi­ral

A baby goat has been born with a "de­for­ma­tions in the head". An im­age of a kid, which was trag­i­cally still­born, has gone vi­ral on­line for its un­usual ap­pear­ance, as it was born with a flat nose and mouth, as well as large, bul­bous eyes, al­though the rest of the four-legged an­i­mal was "nor­mal." Speak­ing about her pet to The Metro On­line, the owner Gla­dys Oveido said: "The rest of the baby is nor­mal, it only has de­for­ma­tions in the head. It is un­usual what hap­pened." Pringles launch new fla­vors based on taste of pop stars Pringles has launched new fla­vors of its crisps based on the taste of some of mu­sic's big­gest stars, in­clud­ing Kanye, Lit­tle Mix, Stor­mzy and Jay-Z. The potato chip brand worked with James Wan­ner­ton, who has a con­di­tion called synes­the­sia, which means sound and taste are linked, there­fore a fla­vor is ex­pe­ri­enced when­ever mu­sic is lis­tened to. They con­ducted an ex­per­i­ment with James which came up with the re­sults that rap­per Kanye tastes like cheesy crisps, The Rolling Stones are like ba­con and girl group Lit­tle Mix are tangy like salt n' vine­gar. James, whose con­di­tion means senses that are nor­mally ex­pe­ri­enced sep­a­rately, are in­vol­un­tar­ily and au­to­mat­i­cally joined to­gether, said: "Food and mu­sic are al­ways in­trin­si­cally linked dur­ing the sum­mer via fes­ti­vals, pic­nics in the park or bar­be­cues in the back gar­den. This ex­per­i­ment al­lows us to take great fla­vors and match them to the mu­sic we en­joy dur­ing these oc­ca­sions. "Some gen­res of mu­sic have a very distinc­tive taste, I find rock and roll has strong notes of cheese and tomato like hot pizza, es­pe­cially an­them bands like Ra­dio­head. On the other side of the mu­sic spec­trum, Kanye's tracks is some­what cheesy - in taste at least but his rap ri­val Jay Z gives off a meatier, more steak-y fla­vor. "We hope our ex­per­i­ment will en­cour­age snack­ers to think about what their fa­vorite tunes might taste of while they're lis­ten­ing to them at beaches, bar­be­cues and fes­ti­vals this sum­mer." The top ten songs of the sum­mer, with their near­est fla­vors: Kanye West, 'Gold-dig­ger' - Cheesey Cheese Jay Z, '99 Prob­lems'- Flame Grilled Steak Lit­tle Mix, 'Shout Out to My Ex' - Salt n Vine­gar Spice Girls, 'Wannabe' - Pa­prika Green Day, 'Amer­i­can Id­iot' - Pizza Wolf­gang Petry, Bronze, Sil­ber und Gold - Prawn Cock­tail Ra­dio­head, 'Creep' - Sour Cream and Onion Rolling Stones, 'Start Me Up' - Smokey Ba­con Skepta, 'Shut­down' - Bar­beque Miles Davis, 'So What' - Cheese and Onion

A hol­i­day-goer en­dures 'night­mare' flight

A hol­i­day-goer en­dured a "night­mare" flight when a fel­low pas­sen­ger propped their feet on her arm rest. A woman from San Fran­cisco, named Jessie Char, took to so­cial me­dia to doc­u­ment the un­set­tling sce­nario she was met with when she boarded a flight only to find the per­son sit­ting be­hind her had wrig­gled her limbs through the gap and placed her heels on the metal arm of her seat. Jessie shared a pho­to­graph on Twit­ter of the scene, which she cap­tioned: "To­day, I flew on the set of a night­mare. (sic)." But the mat­ter got worse as the un­known jet set­ter then used her foot to open the blind cov­er­ing a win­dow so she could look out at the views from be­hind. Jessie con­tin­ued: "You guys will never guess what hap­pened af­ter that. "The left foot reached over and opened a win­dow (sic)." Bri­tish peo­ple look in the cup­board al­most 30 times a day A study has found Bri­tish peo­ple look in the cup­board al­most 30 times a day. A study car­ried out by Ap­pli­ances Di­rect has re­vealed peo­ple look in the fridge on av­er­age 14 times and the cup­boards al­most 10 times dur­ing 24 hours. The sur­vey, which was car­ried out on home­own­ers, has also found out that women are more likely to have a nosey at the con­tents of their kitchen cup­boards more than men. How­ever, only 35 per­cent of those who took part in the re­search peeked in their cup­boards be­cause they were bored and had no in­ten­tion of rustling up any tasty treats af­ter look­ing at the con­tents of their cup­boards. Speak­ing about the out­come of the sur­vey, mar­ket­ing man­ager Mark Kelly said: "The data re­vealed some in­ter­est­ing find­ings about the na­tion's snack­ing prac­tices, es­pe­cially the num­ber of times peo­ple look in the fridge and cup­boards just out of habit. Man brings bunch of kale for ve­gan date A man treated his ve­gan date to a bunch of kale from his gar­den on their sec­ond date. A lover posted a pic­ture on Red­dit of the bunch of greens she was given by her beau af­ter it came up in con­ver­sa­tion on their first ro­man­tic meet­ing that she didn't eat meat or dairy prod­ucts. She wrote: "I went on a first date the other day, and it came up that I was ve­gan. "On the sec­ond date he brought me a cou­ple bunches of kale from his gar­den. (sic)" So­cial me­dia users thought the gift was a great ges­ture and many have dubbed the man a "keeper". Azraels Fear replied: "That's re­ally sweet. Keep the guy. He cares enough about your diet, he wants you healthy and alive and cares about you feel about cer­tain sub­jects you take se­ri­ous (sic)."

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