Get out of our coun­try

Kuwait Times - - FROM THE ARABIC PRESS - By Iqbal Al-Ah­mad

Any­one who loves a coun­try more than ours, whose pas­sion be­longs to a place other than our coun­try, and who prefers to live in and praises the beauty of life in an­other coun­try - we tell him, and those who agree with me, get out of our coun­try. Any­one who has pas­sion for a land other than ours, and who prefers the in­ter­est of a coun­try over ours, we tell him good­bye, and will bid you farewell at all of our coun­try’s ex­its, wish­ing you a good life wher­ever you wish to go to. Also, be­cause we want our coun­try to be se­cure and sta­ble, and be­cause we want our chil­dren and grand­chil­dren to live a life free of fear and ap­pre­hen­sion to­wards you and your in­ten­tions.

We tell you all: Get out of our coun­try! Be­cause we do not want you to dis­turb our life and mess with the fu­ture of our chil­dren and grand­chil­dren. After you chose a pros­per­ous life in Kuwait and its com­fort, you at the same time pre­ferred to carry out the de­spi­ca­ble in­ten­tions of oth­ers in our coun­try through the shred­ding of our se­cu­rity and sta­bil­ity, as well as mess­ing with our unity and our har­mo­nious ex­is­tence. We tell you all: Get out of our coun­try.

Re­gard­less of those whom you love and re­spect, and the party whose ide­ol­ogy you be­lieve in and pledged al­le­giance to, be they Arab or oth­ers, from the east or west... you are all traitors and do not de­serve to live in our coun­try. To you all we say: Get out of our coun­try. Leave our coun­try se­cure and sta­ble for us, as we love it, and we do not put any­one ahead of it and are loyal to it and we will never ac­cept any al­ter­na­tive for it in our hearts, as it has one cham­ber in our hearts that ex­pands from one end to an­other. Kuwait is set in it and we can­not ac­cept any­thing else.

All of you, who caused crises in ev­ery­thing around us and brought fear and worry to our hearts, be it with your coup in­ten­tions, plans or your weapons you buried in our land, or in your wishes to change our sym­bols ac­cord­ing to your lik­ing - you all wish to harm our coun­try, be­cause the end of your in­ten­tions is one, even if your tools and loy­alty dif­fer. We do not have any other coun­try than Kuwait, and no love other than Kuwait, and no loy­alty other than to Kuwait. We do not care about who bor­ders us to the north, east, west or even south, what we care about is what is in the cen­ter of our hearts - it is Kuwait.

You who di­vided our al­le­giance and scat­tered our loy­alty, you who planted a bomb in a field filled with flow­ers and roses, to change the strong pleas­ant smell of this field into poi­sons that drop on us one after the other. Get out of our coun­try, all of you. Get out of our coun­try, as this land does not de­serve to be des­e­crated by cit­i­zens like you who put po­lit­i­cal or re­li­gious, tribal or sec­tar­ian loy­al­ties over their love and loy­alty to it.

I used to imag­ine dur­ing the days of the heinous Iraqi in­va­sion of our land to hear the cries of pain from each grain of sand an Iraqi sol­dier’s shoe stepped on...I imag­ine that day through your feet, so we tell you all: Get out of our coun­try. Who does not love this land, and does not feel loy­alty for any rea­son, does not de­serve to live in it. Get out you all with­out ex­cep­tion from our coun­try - leave it to us so we can en­joy its se­cu­rity, sta­bil­ity and love, be­cause it de­serves our love and noth­ing else.

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