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How im­por­tant was it for TAG Heuer to get into the smart­watch seg­ment and do me­chan­i­cal TAGS still have a fu­ture? Our de­ci­sion to go for a smart­watch means mov­ing to a new cus­tomer base and po­si­tion­ing our­selves for the new gen­er­a­tion. It’s not con­trary to pro­duc­ing me­chan­i­cal watches. The me­chan­i­cal pres­tige watch and the smart­watch are ac­tu­ally com­ple­men­tary to each other. Af­ter all, in ex­actly the same way as some­one who drives an elec­tric car in the city might drive a Porsche 911 for fun on the week­end, some­one who wears a smart­watch might want to buy a me­chan­i­cal watch. It is im­por­tant to state that we aren’t chang­ing our in-house move­ment pol­icy or our just be­cause we are pro­duc­ing smart­watches.

What does TAG Heuer now stand for? TAG Heuer has three main mes­sages: first, it’s avant-garde, and has been since the 1860s; sec­ond, it’s an ac­ces­si­ble lux­ury watch brand; third, the price per­cep­tion and qual­ity of our prod­ucts should al­ways be dou­ble the ac­tual re­tail price.

Who will these smart­watches ap­peal to, es­pe­cially among your ex­ist­ing cus­tomers, and can you say some­thing about the pric­ing strat­egy for them? We are look­ing to at­tract both new and ex­ist­ing cus­tomers. I be­lieve we won’t just be at­tract­ing those who haven’t worn a TAG Heuer be­fore, but those who haven’t even worn a watch be­fore. The 1,500 USD price is in line with our ob­jec­tive to have a per­ceived value that’s twice the price, and it rep­re­sents the en­try price in the lux­ury smart­watch seg­ment.

Among the brand’s new re­leases this year, what is your favourite and why? Easy, the TAG Heuer Car­rera Con­nected smart­watch be­cause of its strong com­mer­cial suc­cess and the enor­mous buzz it has cre­ated.

What do you at­tribute all this buzz to? There’s the fact it’s the first Swiss con­nected watch, that it has the same fea­tures, and can com­pete with an Ap­ple watch, and of course that it has the added value of be­ing a Swiss watch, a TAG Heuer.

We’ve no­ticed that you’re tar­get­ing women more and more, es­pe­cially with the Aquaracer Lady. How has it been far­ing and what are you do­ing to ex­pand the women’s line? We are es­sen­tially try­ing to tar­get men and women too, if not more, es­pe­cially given that the women’s mar­ket is ac­tu­ally big­ger than the men’s. For our lady’s col­lec­tion this year, we plan on work­ing mainly with new ma­te­ri­als and new colours.

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