The LG PF1000U is both a pro­jec­tor and a Smart TV, but its key fea­ture is its ul­tra-short throw beam, which elim­i­nates the need to run ca­bles any fur­ther than you would with a reg­u­lar TV.

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We all love a big-screen cin­e­matic ex­pe­ri­ence but fork­ing out over 8,000 USD for a 65-inch OLED tele­vi­sion seems like a hor­ri­ble waste of money when you can get a quite re­spectable 55-inch QLED for just 1,500 USD. But now there’s an­other op­tion – the ul­tra-short throw pro­jec­tor, ca­pa­ble of cre­at­ing an even more im­pres­sive 100-inch im­age from just over a foot’s dis­tance from the wall. That rep­re­sents a big step for­wards be­cause tra­di­tional pro­jec­tors are very com­pli­cated to in­stall and re­quire a very spe­cific place­ment that takes into ac­count throw dis­tance, zoom range, as­pect ra­tios, and even fig­ur­ing out lens shift to gain the lat­eral or ver­ti­cal po­si­tion­ing. But with an ul­tra short throw, you just plug your pro­jec­tor in and play it wher­ever you would a normal flatscreen tele­vi­sion. The cur­rent cream of the crop is the PF1000U by LG, as it has the best throw ra­tio on the mar­ket – you get a 60-inch 1080p im­age if you place it just 11cm from the wall, and from 38cm you’ll get a whop­ping 100-inches of view­ing plea­sure. More­over, it’s Smart TV en­abled with an in­te­grated dig­i­tal TV tuner, very quiet, and comes equipped with a cou­ple of HDMI in­puts, com­po­nent in­put, Blue­tooth, 3.5mm au­dio and even an op­ti­cal S/PDIF out­put so you can fully in­te­grate it with your home cinema setup. Of course, don’t go be­liev­ing a pro­jec­tor can ever be as bright as a reg­u­lar flatscreen but 1,000 lu­mens of power means that, as long as you draw the cur­tains and don’t push it beyond a 100-inch im­age, the con­trast and colour sat­u­ra­tion of this LG will be su­perb. Price: 1,000 USD /

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