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Imag­ine a world where you aren’t wo­ken up sud­denly by the ag­gres­sive alarm clock next to your bed, clam­our­ing for your at­ten­tion. Imag­ine look­ing into your bath­room mir­ror, and not even notic­ing the yawn­ing, half-asleep re­flec­tion you’re so used to see­ing day af­ter day. Yas­min Harake in­ves­ti­gates.


You wake up grad­u­ally and peace­fully, when the au­to­mated lights in your bed­room slowly turn on to give you a gen­tle wake-up call. For­get the tired face that greets you in the bath­room mir­ror first thing in the morn­ing. In­stead you find your­self star­ing at not only your re­flec­tion, but at a live feed of in­for­ma­tion in­clud­ing the weather and the day’s top news.


The in­te­gra­tion of tech­nol­ogy with small house­hold tasks is de­signed to make our daily lives both more man­age­able and en­joy­able. With ma­chines shar­ing some of the re­spon­si­bil­i­ties we have within the home, we’re sav­ing our­selves time and energy that can now be spent else­where.

How­ever, the home au­to­ma­tion sys­tem – or, as it’s more com­monly known – the smart home isn’t in­tended only to brew your cof­fee and do your laun­dry. Hav­ing a smart home means liv­ing some­where that has been de­signed to boost energy ef­fi­ciency, en­hance se­cu­rity mea­sures, and even mon­i­tor the health of your fam­ily.


Once your sworn en­emy, and now, your new best friend. Your fridge re­minds you to buy milk when you’re run­ning low, puts a shop­ping list to­gether be­fore or­der­ing gro­ceries at the tap of a fin­ger and here’s the best part: If your shelves are start­ing to look a lit­tle empty and you’re stuck for meal ideas, your fridge will work out what you can make for din­ner all by it­self. When it comes to do­ing the laun­dry we’re all guilty of putting it off un­til the next day, and then the day af­ter that. It’s not the most ex­cit­ing of ac­tiv­i­ties, but thanks to the in­no­va­tive new tech­nol­ogy of home ap­pli­ances, that could be about to change.

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