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The un­par­al­leled tech­nol­ogy be­hind the Cleopa­tra Col­lec­tion by Al­truis is about to blow your mind. The col­lec­tion of rings, neck­laces and bracelets all boast an Al­truis stone which is made from pre­mium Zir­co­nia Ce­ram­ics - mak­ing it the most gemo­log­i­cally and eco­nom­i­cally close com­peti­tor to diamond. The real se­cret? Hid­ing in­side the stone lies a tiny elec­tronic cir­cuit board that con­nects to your phone via Blue­tooth – mean­ing the ring vi­brates when your phone re­ceives calls, text mes­sages or emails. Step away from your phone, and ad­just the set­tings of the ring so that you’re only alerted to the things that re­ally mat­ter.

Kovert, www.kovert­de­signs.com

Open­ing Cer­e­mony, www.open­ingcer­e­mony.us

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