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One hun­dred and twenty mil­lion years ago, on the Langue­doc plain in South­ern France, rain­wa­ter seeped into the ground as vol­canic gas rose up to the sur­face. When the wa­ter and gas met, they both forced their way up through the open fis­sures in the lime­stone and gushed with the re­lease of car­bonic gas. The wa­ter bub­bled as if boil­ing, earn­ing this place the name, “Les Bouil­lens,” mean­ing ‘bub­bling spring’ in French.

Avail­able in: Sparkling TDS: 475 mg Con­tent: Sodium 9,5 mg Mag­ne­sium 6,8 mg Cal­cium 155 mg Home: FRANCE

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