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Sami Sayegh (03 702422) has been kite­fly­ing for years and makes the per­fect guide for first timers.

On windy days the skies of Ba­troun are swarm­ing with the kites of surfers, a sign of the rise in pop­u­lar­ity of kite fly­ing in Le­banon re­cently. To­bia Kmeid, founder of Le­banon by Kite (le­banon-by-kite.com, 03 253624), has been kite surf­ing since 2001, found­ing his club in 2012. Ac­cord­ing to Kmeid, the sport is con­tin­u­ing to grow in Le­banon. He rec­om­mends “8 to 10 hours of in­struc­tion and then a lot of safe prac­tice.” The best spots to prac­tice are Colonel (Ba­troun), Ca­naria Beach (Tripoli), Palm Is­land, (off Tripoli) and Tyre public beach.

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