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In Le­banon, honey pro­duc­tion fol­lows the flower bloom­ing and hon­ey­dew sea­sons of dif­fer­ent herbs, flow­ers and trees (“Your guide to bee­keep­ing,” Ol­laik R. 2010.)

Main blos­som­ing crops, flow­ers, plants and herbs:

Fe­bru­ary Cit­rus March Cit­rus April Ap­ple, Sage and Echinops species or Globe This­tles May Oak, Echinops species or Globe This­tles, Sage, Clover, Eu­ca­lyp­tus, Pine, Thyme and Eryngo June Oak, Clover, Chicory and Eryngo July Eryngo Au­gust Mul­ti­ple sum­mer flow­ers Septem­ber Cedar, Fir and Ju­niper Oc­to­ber Cedar, Fir, Ju­niper and Inula Species Novem­ber Lo­quat and Erica Species De­cem­ber Lo­quat and Erica Species

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