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On Darb el Karam, food pro­duc­ers host ta­bles d’hôte and pre­pare lo­cal spe­cial­ties us­ing their own mouneh and har vests. there are six ta­bles d’hôte and four B&BS ad­hered to the trail which have de­vel­oped sea­sonal menus high­light­ing typ­i­cal dishes from their vil­lages. A fam­ily restau­rant and a tra­di­tional ice cream maker also form par t of the trail.

- Kher­bet

Lina Had­dad’s ta­ble d’hôte Qana­far

Lina has been mak­ing mouneh and sell­ing in neigh­bor ing vil­lages for more than 10 years now. Her first mouneh prod­uct was mul­berr y syrup and she later be­came fa­mous for her pump­kin jam, fla­vored with or­ange zest. Lina’s ta­ble d’hôte spe­cial­izes in dishes from kesh­nek Kher­bet Qana­far where pump­kin and come back as star in­gre­di­ents. In win­ter, Pump­kin kebbeh kawarma and boi make sure to ask for the Pump­kin lab­neh stuf fed with and and boiled in keshek and par tic­i­pate with her in mak­ing an­other of her spe­cial­ties: hol­i­day cook­ies baked on a wood fire.

Bas­sima Zei­dan’s ta­ble d’hôte

Dis­tin­guished by her pas­sion for preser ving tra­di­tional pro­cess­ing meth­ods, Bas­sima Zei­dan pre­pares all her prod­ucts from her own har vest, and cooks them on the wood fire. In spr ing, she makes for a vi­brant guide, knowl­edge­able in wild ed­i­ble plant col­lec­tion and in late sum­mer, her or­chards are open for tomato and ap­ple har vest. Her ta­ble d’hôte ser ves up culi­nar y spe­cial­ties from Mresti. Her

, made of the fa­mous wild ed­i­ble plant, stuf fed with potato and

, is not to be missed.

May Kanaan’s ta­ble d’hôte

Known for her saj mak­ing in Mresti and the sur­round­ing area, May Kanaan is a pas­sion­ate host on the trail, who ren­o­vated her house to re­ceive vis­i­tors for break­fast and lunch, all year round. Knowl­edge­able in wild ed­i­ble plant col­lec­tion, her dishes are made with her own pro­duce and freshly col­lected plants and her meals are ac­com­pa­nied by freshly baked saj bread.

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