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Both tomato kibbeh and frakeh are based on kam­mouneh, an aro­matic green look­ing bul­gur, ob­tained by mix­ing fine bul­gur in a food pro­ces­sor with basil, mar­jo­ram, mint leaves, pars­ley, dried rose buds, or­ange rind, black pep­per seeds, cumin seeds, cin­na­mon and dried hot chilies. Kam­mouneh is widely known in the south of Le­banon.

Tomato kibbeh, also known as tomato kam­mouneh, con­sists of kam­mouneh kneaded with diced raw toma­toes and served on a plate with a gen­er­ous driz­zle of olive oil.

Frakeh, another south­ern del­i­cacy, is made with very finely ground raw meat mixed with kam­mouneh, formed into small, squeezed balls and of­fered as an ap­pe­tizer be­fore meals.

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