Mount A Mi­rage on Ki­li­man­ja­ro

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The first time I went on a hi­king trip was by sheer coin­ci­dence; I had met friends in En­gland who be­came fa­mi­ly and we de­ci­ded to do so­me­thing to­ge­ther. So, we came up with the idea of vi­si­ting Ne­pal and clim­bing the Hi­ma­layas ( Ana­pour­na Trek). There, I dis­co­ve­red that the best way for one to vi­sit a coun­try is by means of hi­king, be­cause not on­ly you will be seeing and contem­pla­ting the beau­ty of the coun­try it­self, but you will al­so be in di­rect contact with the lo­cals: adop­ting their li­fe­style, ea­ting their food, em­bra­cing their cus­toms, while ex­clu­ding the so- cal­led « tou­ris­tic at­trac­tions » where lo­cals fool tou­rists in pur­suit of their mo­ney. In the Hi­ma­layas, we had a blast; so we de­ci­ded that our next des­ti­na­tion to­ge­ther will be Mount Ki­li­man­ja­ro in Tan­za­nia, the name of which I had ne­ver come across. Ho­we­ver, the ex­perts told us that it is bet­ter to hike the Sal­can­tay trail in Pe­ru first be­cause the trail which takes you up to a 5000 me­ter al­ti­tude was sup­po­sed to help us ac­cli­ma­tize bet­ter in Ki­li­man­ja­ro. In Pe­ru, I learnt that the moun­tain had a soul and it was cal­led « Pa­cha­ma­ma » ( Mo­ther earth in Pe­ru­vian). And one day, out of the blue, I re­ceive a phone call from my friend whom I didn’t hear from for the last 6 years, when we bid fa­re­well to each other at the Ne­pa­lese air­port, tel­ling me: « I pro­mi­sed that we will climb Ki­li­man­ja­ro to­ge­ther and I am a wo­man of my word » . ..

Elias Mou­far­rej reaches the top of mount Ki­li­man­ja­ro. The view from the top of the mount Ki­li­man­ja­ro, culmi­na­ting at 5895m.

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