Na­tha­lie Ata­mian

An ar­tist gui­ded by pas­sion

Prestige (Lebanon) - - Interview -

Na­tha­lie Ata­mian is a le­ba­nese pain­ter with a mas­te­ry in mixing colors and tech­niques. We had the oc­ca­sion to see her art­works ex­hi­bi­ted at Art of Li­ving in Fo­rum de Bei­rut. Let’s dis­co­ver what art means to this pain­ter.

What does art mean to you? Art is a uni­ver­sal lan­guage that has no boun­da­ries. Th­rough art, you can show your dreams to the world which you can­not express in words. As Ed­ward Hop­per said: « f you could say it in words there would be no rea­son to paint. »

How did you get this pas­sion for pain­ting? My pas­sion for pain­ting star­ted back when I was on­ly four years old. My fa­ther tra­ced in me the dra­wing tech­niques, af­ter which I wor­ked hard to im­prove my skills.

How do you des­cribe the chal­lenge in your work? Crea­ting an ad­mi­rable work of art is not ea­sy. Gi­ving shape and colors to what is on your mind is a chal­lenge you have to ac­com­plish. Eve­ry ar­tist takes this chal­lenge up and pro­ceeds th­rough the ad­ven­tu­rous jour­ney of crea­ting his art­work. Where do you find ins­pi­ra­tion? Ma­ny ar­tists get ins­pi­red from their sur­roun­dings – de­si­gns, co­lor- com­bi­na­tions or sub­jects. So, art makes you look at the world dif­fe­rent­ly. You tend to see things which you could ne­ver see be­fore, even if they were al­ways present just there!

How do you des­cribe your pain­tings? My pain­tings re­flect the in­ner me, my per­so­na­li­ty and are tru­ly a re­flec­tion of my soul. It mo­ti­vates me when a piece of work pro­vokes dif­ferent reac­tions and fee­lings when vie­wed from dif­ferent angles and by dif­ferent people.

Tell us how do you feel when you are in the pro­cess of your work? Be­lieve it or not, the mo­ment you in­dulge deep in­to your art­work your thoughts change, your emo­tions change and the uni­verse changes around you. You are the crea­tor of the mas­ter­piece on the blank white sheet in front of you. The fee­ling of crea­ting so­me­thing good is beyond ex­pla­na­tion. The mo­ments sha­red bet­ween you and your art are beau­ti­ful and ever­las­ting.

Are there strict gui­de­lines in art? There are good ar­tists who just work wi­thout a plan. Or ar­tists who ma­nage to make so­me­thing brilliant even if the « plan » fails. So­me­times, even a mis­take made while pain­ting may lead to the crea­tion of your next mas­ter­piece… So we don’t care much about re­gu­la­tions and pro­to­cols in art. Just one thing is ne­ces­sa­ry, it should be done with pas­sion!


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