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An in­ter­na­tio­nal ca­reer awai­ting this beau­ti­ful Le­ba­nese mo­del

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Une top mo­del est née.....................

Since I was ve­ry young I was al­ways so in­ter­es­ted in arts and fa­shion. I ad­mire how de­si­gners come up with their crea­tions, how mo­dels walk the run­way, how a single cam­pai­gn pic­ture would make you want to buy the pro­duct; I ca­te­go­ri­zed all these things as a form of art. I re­mem­ber that one of my fa­vo­rite things to do when I was around 7 years old, was to stay on the couch on a wee­kend day and just watch wha­te­ver Fa­shion TV was playing, for hours! Gro­wing up with so­cial me­dia made it even ea­sier to keep up- to­date with all and any­thing fa­shion has to give. Even though it has in­fluen­ced me great­ly throu­ghout these years, I would ne­ver have ima­gi­ned being where I am to­day. A few months la­ter, I was in Lon­don with my dad and bro­ther about to watch a Mu­si­cal. We went in­to Sub­way to grab a quick bite, and while I was pla­cing my or­der, I got scou­ted by two agents from Mo­dels 1... It sounds cra­zy at first but this made me rea­lize that you could get scou­ted al­most anyw­here and at any­time! I was and still am in dis­be­lief of how this all hap­pe­ned, but all I could say is that my mom was right! Af­ter si­gning with Mo­dels 1 in Lon­don, I got in­to Elite Mo­dels Ma­na­ge­ment in Los An­geles. These two years of mo­de­ling have hel­ped me de­ve­lop my skills and get me fa­mi­lia­ri­zed with the mo­de­ling field. As I was still in high school, I made sure to ba­lance my pas­sion and edu­ca­tion by fo­cu­sing on my school work all year and mo­del du­ring my time off. Now that I’m 18, I’ve got big goals to pur­sue in mo­de­ling and chal­lenges I’m willing to face in its high­ly com­pe­ti­tive world. One of my goals for the up­co­ming year is to create a clo­thing line, which will in­clude a com­bi­na­tion of styles and unique pieces that will be made in Ita­ly. I’ve been ga­the­ring ideas and star­ted sket­ching my col­lec­tion, and I’m real­ly ex­ci­ted to see how it’ll turn out. My fa­mi­ly has been my grea­test sup­port throu­ghout this new jour­ney. I’m lu­cky en­ough to consi­der my mom as my mo­ma­ger, as she’s not on­ly the rea­son I am who I am to­day as a per­son, but she al­so keeps me strong, mo­ti­va­ted and ad­vises me in al­most eve­ry­thing I do. My dad and bro­ther have al­so been there for me and sho­wed pride in all my ac­com­plish­ments. Being sur­roun­ded by their love and en­cou­ra­ge­ment is so­me­thing I can’t thank them en­ough for. Being a mo­del has chan­ged me in ma­ny good ways. It taught me to know who I am and build up my cha­rac­ter. It taught me to ac­cept fai­lures and work hard for suc­cess. It isn’t as ea­sy as people may think. But just like eve­ry­thing in life, if you’re pas­sio­nate about so­me­thing, you en­joy eve­ry part of it. The adre­na­line that rushes through me when I get boo­ked for a brand I love or pro­ducts I use is just sur­real. I got to meet so ma­ny great people along the way who I lear­ned so much from. I can’t wait to conti­nue this jour­ney and see what the world has pre­pa­red for me! »

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