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Serves 5 Prep/cook­ing 1hr 30 mins IN­GRE­DI­ENTS

• 400g very fine beef ( habra) • 400g fine bourghol (cracked wheat) • 15g salt • 15g 7 spices • 15g corn starch • 1 kg la­ban • 1 ½ kg chicken • 1 bunch co­rian­der • 15g gar­lic • 75g but­ter • 100 ml chicken stock • Bay leaf, cin­na­mon, salt and whole

onion (aro­mat­ics for chicken)


Boil the chicken with aro­mat­ics for 1 hour. Take it off the bone. For the kibbeh, wash and soak the bourghol for 10 min­utes, squeeze out the water and make sure it’s dry. Knead the bourghol with habra and the spices and salt. Knead for 5 min­utes so that it’s no longer sticky and it comes to­gether. Make kibbeh balls and leave empty. Fry the kibbeh in sun­flower oil un­til it's golden brown. For the la­ban, mix the corn­starch with the la­ban while cold. Then, heat it and stir in one di­rec­tion. It splits oth­er­wise. Once it’s about to boil, turn it off. Add the chicken and the kibbeh. Top with co­rian­der. For the co­rian­der sauce, chop 1 bunch of co­rian­der and 15 grams gar­lic. Melt 75 grams of but­ter and then add 100 ml of chicken stock. When it sim­mers add gar­lic and co­rian­der. Stir and serve.

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