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Co­rian is non-por­ous, so stains can­not pen­e­trate its sur­face. With thor­ough clean­ing, Co­rian is also re­sis­tant to the growth of mold, mildew and bac­te­ria. And, the sig­na­ture flow­ing and seam­less look of in­te­grated Co­rian kitchen coun­ter­tops, sinks and back­splashes also means there are no crevices where dirt and bac­te­ria can be­come trapped.

With Dupont Co­rian the op­tions for com­bin­ing shapes, lev­els, edge de­tails, col­ors and ma­te­ri­als are lim­it­less. De­signed to of­fer choice and adapt­abil­ity, Co­rian can be counted on to play any part within a scheme. In the hands of our ex­pert fab­ri­ca­tors, it can flow smoothly from break­fast bar to coun­ter­tops, shelves to back­lit dis­play sys­tems and so much more.

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