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GRAND ABC, EM­PIRE PRE­MIERE, BEIRUT SOUKS, DUNES, GAL­AXY, VOX BEIRUT CITY CEN­TER, ABC DBAYEH, CINEMALL, CINEMACITY, ESPACE, LAS SALINAS, CITY COM­PLEX, GRAND SAIDA Justin Kurzel, 2016 (PG-13*) 2.5/10 Cal­lum Lynch (Michael Fass­ben­der) learns he’s de­scended from a se­cret so­ci­ety of as­sas­sins. When a rev­o­lu­tion­ary tech­nol­ogy un­locks his ge­netic mem­o­ries, he ex­pe­ri­ences the ad­ven­tures of his 15th-cen­tury Span­ish ances­tor, Aguilar, amass­ing the skills needed to con­front the op­pres­sive and pow­er­ful Tem­plars.


GRAND ABC, EM­PIRE PRE­MIERE, BEIRUT SOUKS, CINEMACITY Morten Tyl­dum, 2016 (PG-13*) 4/10 In its 120-year voy­age to a dis­tant colony with its 5,259-per­son cargo, Star­ship Avalon mal­func­tions, caus­ing two hi­ber­na­tion pods to open pre­ma­turely. Still 90 years from their des­ti­na­tion, the awo­ken Jim Pre­ston and Aurora Dunn do stuff.


BEIRUT SOUKS, GAL­AXY, VOX BEIRUT CITY CEN­TER, CINEMALL, CINEMACITY John Ham­burg, 2016 (R*) 4/10 Over the hol­i­days, an over­pro­tec­tive fa­ther named Ned and his fam­ily visit his daugh­ter at Stan­ford, where he meets her well-mean­ing but so­cially awk­ward Sil­i­con Val­ley-bil­lion­aire boyfriend, Laird. Lost in this glam­orous high­tech world, Ned’s panic level rises when he learns Laird’s in­ten­tions.


BEIRUT SOUKS, DUNES, VOX BEIRUT CITY CEN­TER, ABC DBAYEH, CINEMALL, CINEMACITY, LAS SALINAS, GRAND SAIDA Christophe Lour­delet, Garth Jen­nings, 2016 (PG*) 7.5/10 In this ad for Amer­i­can Idol, an op­ti­mistic koala named Buster Moon pre­sides over a on­ce­grand theater that’s fallen on hard times. Buster’s fi­nal chance to re­store his fad­ing jewel is to pro­duce a singing com­pe­ti­tion.


VOX BEIRUT CITY CEN­TER, CINEMACITY Josh Gor­don, Will Speck, 2016 (R*) 4.9/10 When the com­pany CEO tries to close her hard-par­ty­ing brother’s branch, he and his chief tech­ni­cal of­fi­cer must rally their co­work­ers and host an epic of­fice Christ­mas party in an ef­fort to im­press a po­ten­tial client and close a sale that will save their jobs.


VOX BEIRUT CITY CEN­TER, CINEMALL Al­berto Ro­driguez, Na­cho La Casa, 2016 (NA*) NA When the Martins leave on a long trip where no dogs are al­lowed, the idyl­lic life of Ozzy, the fam­ily bea­gle, is turned up­side down. Stuff hap­pens.


GRAND ABC, ABC DBAYEH Hugo Gelin, 2016 (NA*) NA Samuel, a hard-par­ty­ing Mar­seil­lais, is awo­ken one morn­ing by a woman car­ry­ing what she claims is his baby. Left with a wail­ing in­fant, Samuel fol­lows her to Lon­don, where he finds work and raises it by him­self.


BEIRUT SOUKS, VOX BEIRUT CITY CEN­TER Gareth Ed­wards, 2016 (PG-13*) 6.6/10 When Mon Mothma sets her out on a mis­sion to steal the plans for the Death Star, crim­i­nal rebel sol­dier Jyn Erso – with help from rebels, a master swords­man, and non-al­lied forces – will do stuff.


BEIRUT SOUKS, GAL­AXY, DUNES, VOX BEIRUT CITY CEN­TER, CINEMALL, CINEMACITY, ESPACE, LAS SALINAS, CITY COM­PLEX, GRAND SAIDA Elie Habib, 2016 (NA*) NA Samar and her two brothers make a liv­ing from bur­glar­ies and armed rob­beries. When the gang vol­un­teers with the civil de­fense to ex­e­cute a big rob­bery, Samar falls in love with the civil de­fense chief, and things take a hi­lar­i­ous, thrilling, un­pre­dictable and sus­pense­ful turn.


BEIRUT SOUKS David Frankel, 2016 (PG-13*) 3/10 Re­treat­ing from life af­ter a tragedy, Will Smith ques­tions the uni­verse by writ­ing to Love, Time and Death. Un­ex­pected an­swers come and he be­gins to see how th­ese things in­ter­lock and how even loss can re­veal mo­ments of mean­ing and beauty.


GRAND ABC, BEIRUT SOUKS, DUNES, GAL­AXY, VOX BEIRUT CITY CEN­TER, CINEMALL, CINEMACITY, CITY COM­PLEX Ron Cle­ments, et al, 2016 (PG*) 7.9/10 When a ter­ri­ble curse is vis­ited upon an­cient Poly­ne­sia, an im­petu­ous chief­tain’s daugh­ter seeks out a demigod who can set things right.


EM­PIRE PRE­MIERE Garth Davis, 2016 (PG-13*) 7/10 A 5-year-old boy gets lost on the streets of Kolkata, thou­sands of kilo­me­ters from home. He sur­vives to be adopted by Nicole Kidman and, 25 years later, he sets out to find his lost fam­ily.


BEIRUT SOUKS, CINEMACITY Chadi Hanna, 2016 (NA*) NA In this se­quel to “Yalla Aaqbelkon,” Walid, Hatem, Ziad and Mazen are four suc­cess­ful pals in their 40s who meet Sun­days to play poker and swap sto­ries. Nat­u­rally they’re ex­pected to marry.


VOX BEIRUT CITY CEN­TER Mel Gib­son, 2016 (R*) 7.8/10 U.S. Army Medic Des­mond T. Doss, who served dur­ing the Bat­tle of Ok­i­nawa, re­fuses to kill peo­ple and be­comes the first con­sci­en­tious ob­jec­tor in Amer­i­can his­tory to be awarded the Medal of Honor.

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