#is sum­mer, Dior adopts the spirit of tie-dye seen on its house col­lec­tions to the skin


“La Col­lec­tion Privée Chris­tian Dior” hon­ours its love of plea­sure by cre­at­ing a new opus that ex­udes a trail of de­sire, “Fève Déli­cieuse.”

UChris­tian Dior him­self was an avid ad­mirer of Per­fume. In fact, he once as­serted, “per­fume is the in­dis­pens­able com­ple­ment to the per­son­al­ity of women, the !nish­ing touch on a dress.” Speak­ing of beau­ti­ful scents and aro­mas, Dior is an­nounc­ing the birth of an ir­re­sistibly lus­cious fra­grance built around a Venezue­lan Tonka Bean Ab­so­lute. Known for its ol­fac­tory beauty, the Tonka Bean has re­cently been adopted by gourmet chefs and has a pe­cu­liar charm. Drawn by the im­me­di­ate se­duc­tion of this in­gre­di­ent, François Demachy, Dior’s Per­fumer-cre­ator wanted to com­pose a per­fume that would be a per­son­alised rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the Tonka Bean. Now, the va­ri­ety strin­gently se­lected by François Demachy for “Fève Déli­cieuse” is found in the fruit of the “Dipteryx Odor­ata" tree. #e dark bean holds a suave, at­trac­tive aroma, a mix­ture of caramel, hay and pra­line. Demachy de­scribes the Tonka Bean as “a con­cen­trate of sen­sa­tions and aro­mas. It is dual, it has a mul­ti­far­i­ous se­duc­tion. Its milky sweet­ness in­vari­ably at­tracts. But it also re­veals a so( yet sur­pris­ing bit­ter­ness when you taste it.” To cloak the po­tency of the Tonka Bean, François Demachy has as­so­ci­ated it with the warm, slightly smoky notes of Mada­gas­can Vanilla. “Fève Déli­cieuse” is lus­cious, it re­as­sures and swathes. It is in­tense, as warm as it is ad­dic­tive. It is po­tent, re­veal­ing its gen­tle vi­o­lence with round ex­pres­sion. It is a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of a vanilla-scented Tonka Bean with the ap­peal of a paint­ing by Gau­gin whose bright colours blend won­der­fully.

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