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Cara Delev­ingne is the new am­bas­sador of TAG Heuer, the un­match­able high-end watch brand.

Born un­der the sign of Leo in 1992, Cara Delev­ingne is the new rul­ing queen of media jun­gle, the ‘it’ girl spokesper­son for the online gen­er­a­tion and the top fash­ion model of our day, which seam­lessly drove TAG Heuer to choose her as their new fem­i­nine am­bas­sador. U: How do you feel be­ing the new TAG Heuer brand am­bas­sador? How do you re­late to TAG Heuer? CD: I wanted to have a voice and I wanted to be able to make state­ments and stick up for things I be­lieve in. I never just wanted to be a model any­way. TAG Heuer is the em­bod­i­ment of unique­ness, lux­ury and cra(sman­ship which made it so com­fort­able. TAG Heuer has a slightly re­bel­lious at­ti­tude go­ing on and they never do some­thing that is ex­pected of them, which is some­thing I live by. U: What is your mes­sage as the brand am­bas­sador? CD: TAG Heuer is that brand that pushes past con­ven­tions, non­con­form­ing, dares to be di"er­ent and has a de­sire to be bold and brave. Sim­i­larly, I just want to in­spire peo­ple, young peo­ple in par­tic­u­lar, to fol­low their dreams, to be who they are and work hard and know that they can do any­thing they put their minds to. U: What was it like work­ing with the TAG Heuer team? CD: Jean-claude Biver, TAG Heuer’s CEO, is amaz­ing. He re­ally is an in­cred­i­ble spirit; a hys­ter­i­cal per­son, and I just think they stand for a lot of the things I stand for as well, so it’s kind of a per­fect match. #e team gave me such a warm welcome; it re­ally felt like the true de!ni­tion of team spirit. It was very ex­cit­ing when I was gi(ed a beau­ti­ful For­mula One Steel and Black Ce­ramic Chrono­graph set with di­a­monds. It was stun­ning and could not suit me more! U: How was it work­ing with the lion cub dur­ing the press launch in Paris? CD: It was re­ally fun even though it took some time to ca­jole the cub into com­ing on stage! As a Leo, there’s some­thing about cats that I have al­ways been drawn to. #ey’re al­ways spon­ta­neous! And I must give spe­cial credit to the TAG Heuer team for tak­ing such good care of the lion. U: What is your ad­vice for suc­cess? CD: Ev­ery­thing is so fast paced these days that it’s im­por­tant to take time for your­self. Work hard, push the bound­aries and don’t crack un­der pres­sure.

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