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We’re all fa­mil­iar with the ba­sic meth­ods to re­duce the sun’s harm­ful ul­tra­vi­o­let rays, like avoid­ing the sun from 11:00 to 3:00 mid­day, or splurg­ing on SPF 50+ sun­screen lo­tion, still know­ing that at least 2% of UVS will man­age to reach our skin. Yet, a new break­through in science has re­vealed a new way that might pro­tect our pre­cious skin: licorice! The idea might be in­sane, let alone the pos­si­bil­ity of licorice-scented sun­screen, but ac­cord­ing to new find­ings in a re­search study pub­lished in the Ex­per­i­men­tal Der­ma­tol­ogy, a com­po­nent found in licorice has been linked to pro­tect­ing the skin from harm­ful UV ra­di­a­tion. In the study, the plant-de­rived chem­i­cal al­lowed skin cells to form a de­fense sys­tem of its own & sim­i­lar to the pos­i­tive health ben­e­fits of anti-ox­i­dant foods! The study in­di­cated that Lic­ochal­cone, which is di­rectly ex­tracted from the root of the Chi­nese licorice plant, aids in pro­tect­ing against UV ra­di­a­tion dam­age by boost­ing the skin’s de­fense mech­a­nism. One of the re­searchers in­volved in the study went as far as men­tion­ing that these plant ex­tracts might be more ef­fec­tive than usual sun­screen pro­tec­tive meth­ods! It was also noted that ap­ply­ing licorice ex­tract stim­u­lates and en­er­gizes the skin.

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