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A “de­signer of high-end fur­ni­ture and spa­ces”, Damien Lan­glois-meurinne be­gan his ca­reer with Chris­tian Li­ai­gre be­fore found­ing his own agency, DL-M, in 2003. Since then, he has worked on a wide va­ri­ety of in­te­rior de­sign projects that have brought to­gether French el­e­gance and a cer­tain sense of time­less­ness. His de­sign phi­los­o­phy is less about im­pos­ing a style on a space and more about chan­nel­ing seren­ity into it, while re­spect­ing the per­son­al­ity of each client. As well as his in­te­rior de­sign work, Lan­glois-meurinne cre­ates be­spoke fur­ni­ture col­lec­tions that mix so­phis­ti­ca­tion and sim­plic­ity. Con­scious of the im­por­tance of the spa­ces and ob­jects that sur­round us, he uses only nat­u­ral ma­te­ri­als, such as bronze and pre­cious woods. LV: What inspired your Ob­jets? DLM: To me, Louis Vuit­ton is more than a brand: it’s a House ded­i­cated to the art of liv­ing and travel; de­voted to lux­ury. I love its sense of travel, so un­com­pro­mis­ing in terms of the com­fort and el­e­gance that make up the brand’s DNA. To­day, we have a ten­dency to travel ever lighter, but who can for­get the leg­endary made-to-mea­sure trunks that opened up to re­veal their in­ge­nu­ity and, with ex­treme el­e­gance, of­fered a whole range of dif­fer­ent, so­phis­ti­cated uses? I thought of the Valet as a con­tin­u­a­tion of this idea. I imag­ined it be­ing taken out of one of those trea­sure trunks, an ob­ject ded­i­cated to its owner, stand­ing slightly at a dis­tance, dis­creet, of­fer­ing its ser­vices re­gard­less of time or fash­ion, de­voted to a sin­gle pur­pose: the art of liv­ing. LV: While de­sign­ing the Ob­jets, did you think first about form or func­tion? DLM: Per­fect har­mony be­tween func­tion and form has to be ar­rived at nat­u­rally – that’s the de­signer’s job. It’s a per­fect bal­ance, which is the re­sult of a back-and-forth be­tween the two, which guar­an­tees an ob­ject its co­her­ence and del­i­cacy. LV: How did you use the savoir-faire of Louis Vuit­ton’s ate­liers? DLM: For a de­signer, roam­ing around Louis Vuit­ton’s ate­liers is an ab­so­lutely mag­i­cal mo­ment. Af­ter all, a de­signer is noth­ing with­out the savoir-faire of the ar­ti­sans who bring the ideas and sketches to life. It is al­ways stim­u­lat­ing to meet these men and women who use their hands to trans­form things and make them sublime.

Totem­flo­ral — Thetotem­flo­ral isanexquisite, no­madic­struc­ture for­plantsand flow­er­sthatis sim­ple­toassem­ble whereverneeded. Likead­el­i­cat­estem with­flower-cov­ered branches,ithas­five gold-plat­ed­brass brack­et­sthat­sprout fro­mafloor-to­ceil­ing,nomade leather-cov­ered poleon­which ce­ram­icpotsin leather­hold­er­scan beel­e­gant­ly­hung.

Valet — Aminimalist rein­ter­pre­ta­tion oflouisvuit­ton’s his­tor­i­cal­trunks, the­valetisa grace­ful­re­turn totheessen­tials of­dress­ing. At­tached­toa slen­der,nomade leather-cov­ered pole,gild­ed­brass brack­et­sp­re­sent ev­ery­thinga per­son­might need­to­ge­tready.

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