LE­MONS & LACE: We had a chat with the ladies be­hind the La-based For Love & Le­mons

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For Love & Le­mons is a true story of two best friends be­com­ing suc­cess­ful de­sign­ers and run­ning their own fash­ion line! Founders Gil­lian Mahin and Laura Hall met at a very young age in Jack­son Hole, Wy­oming. The ladies showed great en­tre­pre­neur­ial skills by set­ting up their own lemon­ade stand dur­ing sum­mer time, which even­tu­ally evolved into a fash­ion line they run to­gether to­day. The ‘ Sum­mer Haze’ col­lec­tion is all about de­tails, as the de­sign­ers wanted to cap­ture ev­ery­thing they loved about sum­mer. Their sig­na­ture clean and del­i­cate pieces truly re­flect the ease and beauty of sum­mer with breezy dresses, em­broi­dered play­suits, cro­chet and hand-placed lace that takes you from mun­dane to strik­ing. U: Let’s be­gin with a lit­tle brief about your­selves and where you’re from. GM: We’re both from Jack­son Hole, a small but beau­ti­ful ski town in Wy­oming. We met in sixth grade when Laura moved here, and the rest is history! We’ve al­ways been en­trepreneurs at heart; team­ing up with each other at a young age to sell ev­ery­thing from painted rocks to lemon­ade, so that’s where it all started. U: You are both the founders of renowned LA la­bel For Love & Le­mons; how did your jour­ney into the de­sign world be­gin? GM & LH: We’ve al­ways had the de­sire to be in the fash­ion in­dus­try, but af­ter trav­el­ing abroad to Aus­tralia and learn­ing from women that made their dreams a re­al­ity and see­ing that it was pos­si­ble to make it in this in­dus­try with the right amount of de­ter­mi­na­tion and pas­sion, we were re­ally inspired to start up our own. U: What’s the story be­hind your Sum­mer ‘15 “Sum­mer Haze” col­lec­tion? GM&LH: We re­ally wanted our sum­mer col­lec­tion to cap­ture all that we love about sum­mer. Warm nights, end­less laugh­ter, bathing in the sun­light with a good book, danc­ing bare­foot in the sand with our best friends, golden hour cock­tails and beau­ti­ful cloth­ing to go along with it! Sum­mer has this beau­ti­ful ef­fect on peo­ple, this ease and beauty that falls over like a haze, which is ex­actly what we wanted our de­signs to re­flect, and that’s where the name, Sum­mer Haze, came from. U: How does For Love & Le­mons dif­fer from other la­bels? GM & LH: At­ten­tion to de­tail! It is ev­ery­thing for us. We hand-place all of the lace to make sure it hits the right spot, and we have mul­ti­ple fit­ting ses­sions un­til we feel that it is just right. Ev­ery as­pect of the gar­ment, from the lace to the ap­pliqué, has a lot of in­ten­tion put into it, and the women we de­sign for re­ally pick up on that and re­spond well to it! We don’t find the def­i­ni­tion of what is beau­ti­ful in oth­ers; we just trust our unique vi­sion and stick with it. U: De­scribe your per­sonal style. LH: I’m a sucker for well-fit­ting ba­sics, worn-in T-shirts, jeans, flan­nels and a killer leather jacket over it all! Any­thing that is sim­ple, sheer and beau­ti­ful. I also love throw­ing on some high­waisted jeans over a SKIVVIES body­suit for a night out. GM: It all de­pends on my mood! I won, “Most Unique Style” in high school, so that may give a bit of an idea of how I like to dress. I have an eclec­tic style; I love vel­vet, lace, pat­terns, chunky heels - you name it; sort of a ’90s rock-n-roll with a fem­i­nine touch. I’ll just throw on some vintage belts and a leather jacket, and I’m good to go! U: Where do you find in­spi­ra­tion? GM & LH: We love to travel and get in­spi­ra­tion from ev­ery­thing that we im­merse our­selves in! The ar­chi­tec­ture, the fab­rics, the pat­terns and the peo­ple! Each col­lec­tion re­ally re­flects the places that in­spire us. We are also inspired by our “girl,” by the free-spir­ited, fear­less, ef­fort­lessly beau­ti­ful; so our col­lec­tions are our way of dress­ing the FL&L girl that inspires us. U: Tell us about your first ready-to-wear col­lec­tion that was launched in Jack­son, WY. How did you de­velop into a true lifestyle brand? GM & LH: To us, we are de­sign­ing for some­thing big­ger than just the gar­ment; it’s the feel­ing that the gar­ment brings. To us, it’s a way of life; to live and love fear­lessly, break the trends, take life by storm and make no com­pro­mises, and that’s what we de­sign for. That, to us, is what makes a lifestyle brand; we de­sign for the at­ti­tudes and the way of life for our girl that’s as fear­less as our cloth­ing! It’s the idea be­hind the brand that makes For Love & Le­mons unique. U: How did your lin­gerie and knitwear col­lec­tions come about? GM & LH: Be­cause we are de­sign­ing for a way of life, it seemed nat­u­ral to de­sign lin­gerie and knitwear that went with our orig­i­nal col­lec­tions. The SKIVVIES came about be­cause we wanted beau­ti­ful lin­gerie that would look great with our sheer dresses and blouses, so that with ev­ery dar­ing cutout, there was an in­tri­cate lace un­der­gar­ment to peek out. The Knitz col­lec­tion also came about for a sim­i­lar rea­son; we wanted to cre­ate com­fort­able knitwear for those morn­ings that you want to throw on a sweater and drink cof­fee with your fa­vorite book, or a cute pullover to throw over a lacy lit­tle dress on those chill­ier nights out. For Love & Le­mons is a lifestyle, so hav­ing great pieces that all fit to­gether is key for us. U: Why did you choose to work with lace and em­broi­dery? Will we be see­ing new fab­rics this com­ing sea­son? GM & LH: We are re­ally de­tail-ori­ented, and we love for lit­tle touches of lace and em­broi­dery to re­ally make each piece spe­cial! We love cro­chet for the sum­mer­time as well to show off a lit­tle bit of ex­tra skin for those hot days in the sun. U: Who is the For Love & Le­mons client? GM & LH: She’s a cool girl that doesn’t look like she’s try­ing too hard. She’s ef­fort­lessly chic; you could see her read­ing in a Parisian café or trav­el­ing to Bali on a whim. She has this mag­netic energy to her, turn­ing heads wher­ever she goes. You can’t re­ally put her into a cat­e­gory, but that’s what makes her our girl! She’s a lot of girls, but she is al­ways fear­less. U: What inspired the name? GM & LH: We like to joke that it all started back in mid­dle school when we started up our own lemon­ade stands. We love what we do and are pas­sion­ate about it, so we do it for the love, but we also do it for the le­mons, for the dreams of the young en­trepreneurs we were in the le­mon days!

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