Cap­ture his Aten­tion: In­tro­duc­ing Dior’s Cap­ture To­tale Make-up Foun­da­tion

Your quest for per­fect skin is fi­nally over. In­tro­duc­ing Dior’s Cap­ture To­tale Make-up Foun­da­tion, a rev­e­la­tion of a new makeup ter­ri­tory.

U Magazine - - CONTENTS - By Nayla Kurd & Ruwan Teo­dros

Your skin isn’t as clear as it used to be when you were a teenager run­ning around boast­ing to all your girl­friends that you never had to use skin prod­ucts. Right be­fore your 10year high school re­union, you no­tice wrin­kles and ruts in your skin that hor­rify you. Not to men­tion, your face looks like a light bulb that keeps flickering on and off, not ra­di­at­ing the light it should be. Chin up girls, for Dior has ex­plored new makeup ter­ri­to­ries (God bless Chris­tian Dior), and they have come back with the very latest tech­nol­ogy from its renowned skin line: Cap­ture To­tale Foun­da­tion. This foun­da­tion is armed with triple ac­tion youth cor­rect­ing pow­ers, a move that has rev­o­lu­tionised foun­da­tion and skin­care prod­ucts. The triple ac­tion en­sures that your wrin­kles and dark spots are van­quished while your nat­u­ral ra­di­ance is kept in­tact. The first step taken is to at­tack the lines on your face that make you look hag­gard; the foun­da­tion is en­riched with lamel­lar pow­der par­ti­cles. As op­posed to clas­sic pow­ders, lamel­lar par­ti­cles do not ac­cu­mu­late in wrin­kles and ac­cen­tu­ate them, but set­tle in a hor­i­zon­tal po­si­tion to in­stantly smooth the sur­face of your skin. We’ve got even bet­ter news. All of Cap­ture To­tale's makeup range is in­fused with an age-de­fy­ing power drawn from po­tent Lon­goza, a rare re­vi­tal­iz­ing plant, grown in the Dior Gar­dens. That's not all though, Dior takes another step for­ward by en­rich­ing the foun­da­tion with colour cor­rect pig­ments that en­sure it blends into your skin im­pec­ca­bly, while also con­ceal­ing those blem­ishes and dark spots. Last, but cer­tainly not least, are the mul­ti­fac­eted pig­ments mixed into the for­mula that are ca­pa­ble of re­flect­ing a lu­mi­nous and in­tense light, there­fore bathing your skin in that re­ju­ve­nat­ing glow that women die for. Stride into your high school au­di­to­rium, foun­da­tion tucked into your bag and show ‘em that you haven’t aged a day!

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