Sous le Signe Du Lion

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The Lion once again takes cen­ter stage in Chanel’s lat­est High Jew­elry col­lec­tion.

Upon re­turn­ing to Venice, Gabrielle Chanel would re­dis­cover her fa­vorite an­i­mal each time. A sym­bol of strength, the lion rep­re­sented that eter­nal drive and spark with which she led her life. They be­came ac­quainted dur­ing her first visit to the city in 1920 with Misia and José Maria Sert. The death of Boy Capel, the great love of her life, had left her com­pletely dev­as­tated. Misia, Gabrielle’s only true friend, had saved her from grief by hav­ing her al­most forcibly leave Paris and offering her Venice with its Tiepolo skies, pur­ple-strewn dawns and golden li­ons as a new dis­trac­tion. It was in this il­lu­sory city early one morn­ing that she came across the lion. She had first caught sight of it at a dis­tance upon en­ter­ing Saint Mark’s square, ap­pear­ing to float in the air be­tween sky and wa­ter. High up in the basil­ica’s ped­i­ment, it had a con­queror’s air poised over a blue, mo­saic sky stud­ded with golden stars… the fa­mous stars that had fol­lowed her from her child­hood. This city over­flowed with the sym­bols she cher­ished, and she dis­cov­ered them one af­ter the other dur­ing her many ex­cur­sions in the Do­ges’ city. With its gold, sun and stars, li­ons and the salt-air in the breeze that whips up the spir­its as much as the face, Venice was the city of her re­nais­sance. Each time she re­turned she found strength there, a new lease of life that rad­i­cally changed the course of her path, ideas and her loves. Making its first ap­pear­ance in the Chanel High Jew­elry world in 2012, the Lion once again takes cen­ter stage in the new jew­elry col­lec­tion en­ti­tled “Sous Le Signe Du Lion” in two new de­sign themes: Lion ‘Arty’ tak­ing its form out of a sin­gle gold mono­lith and Lion ‘Pépites’ with its lion sketched out in curved lines. Gabrielle Chanel’s star sign is the king of the zo­diac. So­lar and ma­jes­tic, the watch­ful guardian of the Serenis­simo, the Lion in this col­lec­tion is treated in a most pure and ge­o­met­ri­cal way, its solemn stance re­veal­ing all its power.

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