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REG­U­LAR read­ers of Scru­ta­tor will know that I am not a fan of one Tlali Kennedy Kamoli, the small time ter­ror­ist who pur­ports to be the com­man­der of the Le­sotho De­fence Force (LDF).

We are mired in our cur­rent tur­moil be­cause of him and are likely to face more prob­lems be­cause of Kamoli.

The elec­tions slated for Fe­bru­ary 2015 might not take place be­cause of Kamoli. The maseru ru­mour mill has been in over­drive with al­le­ga­tions that Tlali Kennedy Kamoli is now in­sti­gat­ing the sab­o­tage of the maseru Se­cu­rity Ac­cord (msa)which was bro­kered by SADC fa­cil­i­ta­tor Cyril ramaphosa to, among other things, en­able Kamoli a soft land­ing, after all his ter­ror­ist ac­tions, and al­low this coun­try to move on.

In terms of the MSA, Kamoli, Po­lice Com­mis­sioner Khothatso Tšooana, and new LDF boss maa­parankoe ma­hao are sup­posed to be shafted to some ob­scure re­fresher cour­ses abroad while their deputies take over their func­tions un­til the elec­tions slated for next Fe­bru­ary.

Ma­hao is the guy whom Cy­clone Tom ap­pointed to re­place Kamoli but has not set his foot in the bar­racks be­cause the ter­ror­ist Kamoli is re­fus­ing to va­cate of­fice.

ma­hao and Tšooana have nev­er­the­less ac­cepted their fate. Tšooana has handed over his du­ties to his deputy ma­supha ma­supha in line with the ac­cord.

ma­hao, who never as­sumed his du­ties; cour­tesy of Kamoli, did not have du­ties to hand over in the first place as he be­came the first ever army com­man­der to op­er­ate from hid­ing. But ma­hao has agreed to go and not in­sist on his ap­point­ment.

Kamoli, nev­er­the­less, re­fuses to va­cate the bar­racks de­spite hav­ing ap­pended his sig­na­ture to the se­cu­rity ac­cord.

In fact, Kamoli is al­leged to have threat­ened the man who was sup­posed to take over from him, LDF deputy com­man­der Khoan­tle mot­so­motso, from ac­cept­ing his ap­point­ment let­ter.

mot­so­motso was later said to have ex­plained that he had re­fused to ac­cept his ap­point­ment let­ter be­cause he found it un­nec­es­sary to do so since LDF reg­u­la­tions au­to­mat­i­cally give him the au­thor­ity to be­come act­ing com­man­der when­ever the in­cum­bent is away.

It does not need a rocket sci­en­tist to es­tab­lish that mot­so­motso is telling pink lies here. ev­ery pro­fes­sional act­ing ap­point­ment needs to be con­firmed in writ­ing. We are not talk­ing here of a company boss ap­point­ing his con­cu­bine within the company to act in a cer­tain po­si­tion as a re­cep­tion­ist or sec­re­tary.

We are talk­ing here of a very se­ri­ous case; the ap­point­ment of some­one to act in a very crit­i­cal po­si­tion at the helm of a na­tional army. This act­ing ap­point­ment was made nec­es­sary by an ill-fated at­tempt to top­ple a le­git­i­mate prime min­is­ter and sub­se­quently bro­kered by none other than the ven­er­a­ble Cyril ramaphosa. So an ap­point­ment let­ter is not only es­sen­tial here, it’s a pre-req­ui­site.

It is ob­vi­ous that mot­so­motso’s re­fusal to ac­cept his ap­point­ment let­ter had ev­ery­thing to do with Kamoli’s threats and wish to cling on to power. my ques­tion to Kamoli and all Ba­sotho to­day is: Who is Tlali Kennedy Kamoli and in what ca­pac­ity does he con­tinue hold­ing this coun­try to ran­som?

I have an an­swer to the ques­tion I have just posed. Kamoli is a small time ter­ror­ist, a later day Sav­imbi, with an in­flated ego and huge sense of self im­por­tance.

Kamoli has nev­er­the­less not learnt a les­son from his sup­posed “hero”, Sav­imbi, whom he is try­ing to em­u­late. There is a say­ing that if you live by the sword, you will die by the sword. Sav­imbi lived by the sword, he in­evitably died by the sword.

For those among us who are unini­ti­ated in cur­rent af­fairs, Sav­imbi is that de­spi­ca­ble ter­ror­ist who vir­tu­ally held An­gola to ran­som for decades. After the elec­tions in 1975, Sav­imbi started a civil war which never ended un­til he was shot dead in 2002.

ar­i­ous at­tempts to bro­ker peace in An­gola failed be­cause Sav­imbi would not give up un­less he be­came pres­i­dent. When he lost elec­tions in 1992, he went back to civil war. Hun­dreds of thou­sands of lives were lost in the process.

The only dif­fer­ence be­tween Kamoli and Sav­imbi of course is that the later pro­moted his in­san­ity dur­ing the cold war era when he could eas­ily master the back­ing of the West. In fact the ron­ald rea­gan ad­min­is­tra­tion poured mil­lions into Sav­imbi’s Unita ter­ror­ist or­gan­i­sa­tion against Jose ed­uardo Dos San­tos’s le­git­i­mately elected MPLA.

While Sav­imbi evolved into a wealth ter­ror­ist, Kamoli is a pau­per ter­ror­ist. He sim­ply does not have the re­sources to sus­tain the re­bel­lion that he has be­gun. The cold war days are long over and no one will come to Kamoli’s aid.

even if the cold war was still on, Kamoli will not have any Western backer be­cause Le- sotho would not war­rant the at­ten­tion of any Western power. This all ex­plains Kamoli’s an­thro­po­log­i­cal ba­nal­ity.

In­stead of thank­ing ramaphosa for bro­ker­ing the maseru Se­cu­rity Ac­cord which po­ten­tially lets him of the hook, Kamoli is now busy sab­o­tag­ing it. The fact that is lost to Kamoli is that he pro­moted and spon­sored ter­ror­ist acts which caused the un­nec­es­sary loss of life. For that he must be thrown to the sharks in the deep blue sea. If I were him, I would have grabbed the maseru Se­cu­rity Ac­cord and taken the ear­li­est op­por­tu­nity to be sent abroad. But alas, Kamoli seems de­ter­mined to stay and con­tinue pur­port­ing to be com­man­der of the LDF. How more stupid can a man get?

If Kamoli elects to con­tinue play­ing the role of sabo­teur, there is a sim­ple and fi­nal so­lu­tion for SADC; to in­ter­vene mil­i­tar­ily and top­ple him by force. It will not need the same amount of re­sources as were re­quired to top­ple Sav­imbi. It will not need any­thing more than a squadron of well-armed South African street kids to take him out of his mis­ery.

The fact is that Kamoli can­not con­tinue hold­ing this na­tion to ran­som. He must ac­cept and embrace the maseru Se­cu­rity Ac­cord and take his chance to go to some se­cu­rity re­fresher as­sign­ment abroad.

At least he can en­joy some tem­po­rary re­prieve from his crimes against hu­man­ity. If his al­lies re­turn to power, he can have another go at the helm of the LDF and prob­a­bly en­joy an even longer re­prieve.

The fact, nonethe­less, re­mains that Kamoli killed in­no­cent peo­ple. He is a ter­ror­ist. It’s be­cause of him that Le­sotho is now in tur­moil. Kamoli must not only go, he must face all the charges the po­lice will care to raise against him. He is no demigod.

He must ac­count for his ac­tions. There is no room for im­punity.


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