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Times that my­self, Ntate (Mo­th­etjoa) Mets­ing (LCD leader and Deputy Prime Min­is­ter), Ntate (Se­libe) Mo­choboroane, Ntate (Mpho) Malie, the army com­man­der (Tlali Kamoli), po­lice deputy com­mis­sioner (Keketso) Mon­a­heng and oth­ers, would soon be charged with high trea­son. How would th­ese peo­ple charge us with this kind of crime? On what ba­sis?

Now au­to­mat­i­cally peo­ple thought I was al­ready a mem­ber of the congress move­ment be­cause this is­sue was be­ing as­so­ci­ated with the congress.

Now all this made me re­alise that I should go back to my roots, the LCD.

I re­alised that I was rapidly be­ing pushed into muddy wa­ters and dirt.

I was be­ing trashed by the ABC, which was once a party in­tended to bring Ba­sotho to­gether.

Ac­tu­ally, the LCD has now just saved me from the trash that I was thrown into by the ABC. I re­alised I was in the wrong company. LT: But you were once very close friends with the Prime Min­is­ter. Don’t you even have an idea of what went wrong be­tween you? Soulo: Truly, truly speak­ing, I swear that I have never even fought the man, not even once. I have never ever in my life even said nxa! to hu­mil­i­ate him. He can tell you the same. But peo- ple kept say­ing I un­der­mined his au­thor­ity.

They even passed un­founded ru­mours that I once held him by the neck and tried to stran­gle him fol­low­ing an ar­gu­ment.

All those are noth­ing but base­less lies. Imag­ine me stran­gling the Prime Min­is­ter of Le­sotho! Re­ally, I don’t know what hap­pened be­tween me and Ntate Tha­bane. LT: So you think your fall was due to your tar­nished rep­u­ta­tion? Soulo: As I said, there are peo­ple who hate me with a pas­sion in the ABC. But again there are those who like me a lot. It is clear now that those who hate me ac­tu­ally went to Ntate Tha­bane to say bad things about me.

I am not say­ing I am an an­gel. But some peo­ple who think they are an­gels them­selves are all out to tar­nish my name.

What is most dis­tress­ing is that I worked so hard for the ABC. And I again worked very hard for this gov­ern­ment. I was do­ing what I did for the ben­e­fit of the ABC-led gov­ern­ment. Peo­ple know how hard I worked on the is­sue of famo fights in Mafeteng and other crimes in other dis­tricts. I per­son­ally went to the re­motest and wildest ar­eas of this coun­try, where no other min­is­ter had ever dared to visit, to fight crime.

LT: There was also this ru­mour that while you trav­elled the coun­try dur­ing po­lice and army raids against crim­i­nals, you were plan­ning to over­throw the gov­ern­ment at the same time. Soulo: For what rea­son would I want to over­throw Ntate Tha­bane? We were only do­ing our jobs for him and his gov­ern­ment. We heard about those spec­u­la­tions; they were base­less and ma­li­cious.

You can ask the po­lice and the army if ever there was such a plan, at least where I was in­volved. They will not con­firm that be­cause it is a lie. LT: What about claims that you clashed with the prime min­is­ter be­cause you wanted to ap­point for­mer Deputy Com­mis­sioner of Po­lice Keketso Mon­a­heng, as po­lice boss against his choice of Khothatso Tšooana? Soulo: The ABC man­i­festo has al­ways been that we should embrace cul­ture. You have seen some of th­ese famo mu­si­cians ac­tive in the ABC. It was be­cause of that. We were not be­ing an­noyed by the ini­ti­ates.

That was the prin­ci­ple of the ABC. When Ntate Mon­a­heng went for ini­ti­a­tion (in De­cem­ber 2013), I said to my­self that he had done a good thing.

I was only bas­ing my­self on the ABC man­i­festo.

He had not told me that he would go for the ini­ti­a­tion. As po­lice min- is­ter, he only ap­plied for some leave and I agreed.

But later I was in­formed he had gone for ini­ti­a­tion. Per­haps I should tell you at this junc­ture that prior to Mr Mon­a­heng go­ing to the ini­ti­a­tion; you will re­call that we had ear­lier re­moved (Kiz­ito) Mh­lakaza as the po­lice boss.

The prime min­is­ter had then asked me if there was any­one I could rec­om­mend for the po­si­tion in an act­ing ca­pac­ity, while we worked on find­ing the right can­di­date to oc­cupy the po­si­tion.

I then rec­om­mended Ntate Mon­a­heng. Ntate Tha­bane ac­cepted my rec­om­men­da­tion, but added he had some­one else in mind.

He men­tioned Tšooana. And I did not know any­thing about Ntate Tšooana. I had never heard about him be­fore. So there were two names rec­om­mended.

We agreed they would work to­gether un­til we iden­ti­fied who was the suit­able can­di­date be­tween them. I even ad­vised the prime min­is­ter that we should not rush that process.

But some­where along the way and all of a sud­den, Ntate Tha­bane was in hurry to ap­point Tšooana as com­mis­sioner.

He rea­soned that Tšooana had good cre­den­tials for the po­si­tion. Mean­while, Ntate Mon­a­heng went for the ini­ti­a­tion just around that time and Ntate Tha­bane was not happy about it.

LT: And there was also ru­mour Soulo: I went to the cer­e­mony. It was on a Satur­day. I did that to show peo­ple that we ap­pre­ci­ate cul­ture.

But when I got there, I was shocked to re­alise that there were some po­lice of­fi­cers who were sent to re­call all gov­ern­ment ve­hi­cles and cam­eras which were be­ing used at that cer­e­mony un­der the false im­pres­sion that I had au­tho­rised that.

It was em­bar­rass­ing be­cause Ntate Tha­bane had made that in­struc­tion with­out say­ing any­thing to me.

I called him there and then and he ad­mit­ted that he ac­tu­ally sent the po­lice to re­call the gov­ern­ment prop­erty.

How­ever, I had even­tu­ally man­aged to con­vince him not to re­call the ve­hi­cle used for that cer­e­mony.

It was not true that I had au­tho­rised the use of gov­ern­ment ve­hi­cles and cam­eras for the cer­e­mony.

It was only one po­lice pickup truck which had al­ways been used even to visit Ntate Mon­a­heng dur­ing the ini­ti­a­tion.

LT: So what are your plans now that you are with the LCD? Soulo: My plans haven’t changed much. I just want to see this na­tion de­vel­op­ing into a bet­ter to­mor­row. I will fight for peace.

I don’t care what your po­lit­i­cal party is; I want a peace­ful Le­sotho for all of us. And by join­ing the LCD, I be­lieve I will con­trib­ute to a bet­ter Le­sotho.

I want, at least, to give my vote to some­one I trust.

The LCD is my home. I don’t ex­pect to find com­fort, but I am proud of what I did for the ABC and I want to do the same with LCD.

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