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SCru­ta­tor is deeply sad­dened by in­for­ma­tion that our very own ac­com­plished an­ar­chist and ter­ror­ist scum­bag tlali kamoli is still hang­ing around South africa with seem­ingly no coun­try will­ing to ac­com­mo­date him for his forced sab­bat­i­cal. It’s a rule taught ev­ery child on their first day at kinder­garten that the first let­ter of any hu­man be­ing’s name ought to be writ­ten in cap­i­tal let­ters. How­ever, I am in this ar­ti­cle in­vent­ing a new rule and writ­ing kamoli’s name in all small let­ters to en­trench my dis­re­spect and ha­tred of him.

Since Ba­sotho are gen­er­ally poor read­ers and bad fol­low­ers of cur­rent af­fairs, I also have to reg­u­larly re­mind my fel­low kith and kin of ev­ery mun­dane de­tail to keep them abreast with re­al­ity.

those who follow the news will know that as part of a se­cu­rity deal to tame our feud­ing po­lice and army se­cu­rity clus­ters, Cyril Ramaphosa bro­kered the Maseru Se­cu­rity ac­cord in which kamoli would be sent away to some coun­try along­side Po­lice Com­mis­sioner Khothatso tšooana and new LDF boss Maa­parankoe Ma­hao. the lat­ter was law­fully ap­pointed by Cy­clone tom but was never al­lowed to as­sume his po­si­tion by the small time ter­ror­ist.

tšooana has long been ac­cepted by his hosts, al­ge­ria, who were quite happy to re­ceive him. So is Ma­hao, who is serv­ing his sab­bat­i­cal in Su­dan. How­ever, the small time ter­ror­ist is still stuck in South africa. ap­par­ently, no coun­try is will­ing to ac­cept kamoli. uganda was where kamoli was sup­posed to have gone. But the East african coun­try, headed by for­mer guerilla fighter Yow­eri Mu­sev­eni, is de­vel­op­ing cold feet and has hith­erto re­fused to open its doors to kamoli.

ppar­ently Mu­sev­eni, like most other lead­ers, don’t un­der­stand why they should be asked to re­ward crim­i­nal­ity by host­ing ban­dit who should be in jail. this is a man who has played havoc with the lives of in­no­cent Ba­sotho, de­ploy­ing his sol­diers to kill and maim at will.

this is a man who has thumped his wide Mr Flint­stone like nose at ev­ery­thing to do with the rule of law by re­fus­ing to han­dover sus­pected crim­i­nals in­volved in the bombing of the house of thom tha­bane’s con­cu­bine leav­ing, a trail of de­struc­tion in the process. this is a man who was law­fully fired by His Majesty on the ad­vice of a sit­ting Prime Min­is­ter but re­fused to go, in­stead opt­ing to cre­ate may­hem in our coun­try.

For th­ese and other rea­sons, many coun­tries are in­cred­u­lous of ac­com­mo­dat­ing such a bad ap­ple. In­deed, they fear it sets a bad prece­dent. It sends a bad sig­nal to all sol­diers that they can at­tempt to over­throw their gov­ern­ments in the hope that this is the best way to earn them­selves sump­tu­ous all ex­penses paid for hol­i­days.

Just imag­ine what would be­come of this world, if ev­ery sol­dier who at­tempts a coup and fails ends up be­ing lav­ished with a five star lux­ury ho­tel in the Mal­dives or Ber­muda in­stead of drink­ing his own urine in a stinky cell.

“this man must be in jail. Why should he be re­warded with a lux­u­ri­ous hol­i­day for spear­head­ing mur­der and ban­ditry and cre­at­ing all the may­hem he has caused. He should be tried by courts of law and face the con­se­quences of his ac­tions….most coun­tries are livid about ac­cept­ing him be­cause it sets a bad prece­dent for their coun­tries and for the world at large. any­one who at­tempts a coup and fail must face the mu­sic….,” a mem­ber sec­onded to the SADC mis­sion in Le­sotho, who I can­not name, told me this week.

need­less to say I wouldn’t agree with him and all the coun­tries that have re­fused to ac­cept kamoli more. the only prob­lem is that if no coun- try ac­cepts kamoli, then he might have an ex­cuse of want­ing to re­turn to Le­sotho, which he con­sid­ers his back­yard or pig-sty, and con­tinue to wreck more havoc. For that rea­son, the au­thor­i­ties must find some­where to stash him.

My big­gest worry is that uganda, even if it even­tu­ally ac­cepts him, is a bad choice for kamoli. It is much nearer Le­sotho than the al­ge­ria and Su­dan to which tšooana and Ma­hao have been de­ployed. uganda is also too civ­i­lized a coun­try to re­ha­bil­i­tate such a hard-nosed ban­dit. also bad is to de­ploy him to the african union head­quar­ters in ad­dis as some have sug­gested. What mes­sage will the au, which for­bids mil­i­tary coups, will be send­ing to other army gen­er­als around the con­ti­nent if they pro­vide com­fort and suc­cor to kamoli?

kamoli should have been sent to the steppes of Siberia, or to Kathmandu. all on a one way ticket. It is never too late to do that. Vladimir Putin, a fel­low minded in­ter­na­tional crim­i­nal ter­ror­ist mas­querad­ing as a demo­crat­i­cally Pres­i­dent of Rus­sia, would be too happy to ac­cept kamoli. It’s a pity that the orig­i­nal choice of coun­tries to de­ploy Kamoli and his coun­ter­parts was re­stricted to Com­mon­wealth and SADC coun­tries. It’s never too late to speak to Putin. He prob­a­bly needs more Kamo­lis to con­tinue to aid his own con­tin­ued ban­ditry in ukraine.

he more kamoli sticks in the neigh­bour­hood, the more the prob­lems he can po­ten­tially cre­ate for us. In fact the only rea­son I am tempted to want Cy­clone tom and th­e­sele ‘Maserib­ane back in power is be­cause that’s the only surest guar­an­tee not to have kamoli back. that’s also the surest way to en­sure kamoli has his day in court. upon his in­evitable con­vic­tion of mur­der and ter­ror­ism, kamoli should not be sentenced to death by lethal in­jec­tion or or­di­nary hang­ing. He should be tied on a tree and ev­ery rea­son­able Mosotho must

It was in­deed re­fresh­ing to wit­ness the po­lice and army march­ing for peace last week in a sig­nif­i­cant show of a pos­si­ble thaw­ing of re­la­tions be­tween the two se­cu­rity clus­ters. I can bet a pound of my flesh this would not have been pos­si­ble if kamoli was around. Of course some po­lice of­fi­cers stayed away from the peace march be­cause of lin­ger­ing bit­ter­ness over kamoli’s ter­ror­ism on them. that is pretty un­der­stand­able. But it’s not for the good of the coun­try to hold on to such long term bit­ter­ness.

kamoli’s ab­sence should in­spire us to come to­gether and re­build this King­dom. Which is why we should all lobby hard for his de­ploy­ment in the Rus­sian steppes. act­ing Po­lice Com­mis­sioner Ma­supha Ma­supha and act­ing army Com­man­der Ma­jor Gen­eral Khoan­tle Motšo­motšo seem to be two hon­or­able gen­tle­men in­ter­ested in restor­ing trust in the se­cu­rity clus­ter. that’s what we need.

By the way Scru­ta­tor is not quite sure what the hell his par­ents had in mind when they de­cided to name the act­ing po­lice com­mis­sioner Ma­supha Ma­supha at his birth. I am not sure which is sup­posed to be the first or sec­ond name. Or was this just a typ­ing er­ror by the birth reg­istry of­fi­cer who re­peated ei­ther the first name or sur­name and omit­ted the other name. Ei­ther way and de­spite the strange­ness and awk­ward­ness of your name, you are a good man Mr MA­SUPHA MA­SUPHA. Keep up the good work.


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