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LOOK­ING for tal­ent? The smartest em­ploy­ers, who hire the best peo­ple, re­cruit a pre-qual­i­fied can­di­date pool of po­ten­tial em­ploy­ees be­fore they need to fill a job.

Or, as Har­vey Mackay, well­known, ir­rev­er­ent, au­thor and speaker, says about net­work­ing, Dig Your Well, Be­fore You’re Thirsty). You can de­velop re­la­tion­ships with po­ten­tial can­di­dates long be­fore you need them.

These ideas will also help you in re­cruit­ing a large pool of can­di­dates when you have a cur­rent po­si­tion avail­able. Read on to dis­cover the best ways to de­velop your tal­ent pool and re­cruit em­ploy­ees.

The ear­lier you adopt these prac­tices, the bet­ter your or­ga­ni­za­tion will do in the up­com­ing war for tal­ent.

Re­cruit­ing your ideal can­di­date A job de­scrip­tion that tells po­ten­tial em­ploy­ees the ex­act re­quire­ments of the po­si­tion is use­ful.

Even more use­ful is the process you use to de­velop the job de­scrip­tion in­ter­nally and the be­hav­ioral char­ac­ter­is­tics of your ideal can­di­date. As­sem­ble a team of peo­ple who rep­re­sent the best qual­i­ties of the peo­ple who cur­rently hold the same or a sim­i­lar po­si­tion. In­clude the hir­ing man­­velop a job de­scrip­tion that de­lin­eates the key re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and out­puts of the po­si­tion. Then, de­fine the be­hav­ioral char­ac­ter­is­tics of the per­son you feel is your ideal can­di­date.

Fi­nally, list your five — ten key re­spon­si­bil­i­ties and char­ac­ter­is­tics you will use to screen re­sumes, per­form phone screens and even­tu­ally, es­tab­lish the ques­tions for the can­di­dates you in­ter­view.

Sound like a lot of effort? It is. But, you’ll have a much bet­ter idea about the char­ac­ter­is­tics of the ideal can­di­date you want to at­tract to your com­pany when you do this plan­ning via email or a re­cruit­ing plan­ning meet­ing.

Tap your em­ployee net­works Spread word-of-mouth in­for­ma­tion about the po­si­tion avail­abil­ity, or even­tual avail­abil­ity, to each em­ployee so they can con­stantly look for su­pe­rior can­di­dates in their net­works of friends and as­so­ci­ates.

In this age of on­line so­cial and pro­fes­sional net­work­ing, the chances are, you and your em­ploy­ees are in­stantly con­nected to hun­dreds, and even thou­sands, of po­ten­tial can­di­dates. Tap into this po­ten­tial au­di­ence on Face­book, Linkedin, and Twit­ter, to name just a few.

Use trade show booth time to meet and get to know po­ten­tial can­di­dates as well as cus­tomers. En­cour­age em­ploy­ees to gather busi­ness cards from, and de­velop re­la­tion­ships with, high po­ten­tial pos­si­ble em­ploy­ees. And, don’t stop with em­ploy­ees alone; tap the net­works of your so­cial, board, fun­der and aca­demic con­nec­tions, too.

Make sure you pub­li­cize your in­ter­est in em­ployee re­fer­rals. In some com­pa­nies, em­ployee re­fer­rals, es­pe­cially for hard-to-fill po­si­tions, are even re­warded with cash bonuses. Post­ing all open po­si­tions, an­nounc­ing open­ings at the com­pany meet­ings and shar­ing growth plans with com­pany mem­bers will help spread your mes­sage.

Use your web site Does your “Join Our Team” sec­tion of your com­pany Web site tell and even, “sell,” po­ten­tial em­ploy­ees about the vi­sion, mis­sion, val­ues and cul­ture of your com­pany?

Do you pre­sent a mes­sage about how peo­ple are val­ued? Do you ex­press your com­mit­ment to qual­ity and to your cus­tomers? If not, you are miss­ing out on one of the most im­por­tant re­cruit­ing tools you have to ap­peal to prospec­tive high-po­ten­tial em­ploy­ees.

In­stead of the typ­i­cal, dry­ly­writ­ten job list­ings about avail­able po­si­tions, your Web site needs to in­clude this vi­sion, this in­for­ma­tion that sets your com­pany apart from oth­ers in your in­dus­try.

Your job list­ings must sparkle with per­son­al­ity so a po­ten­tial can­di­date thinks, “this or­ga­ni­za­tion is for me.”

And, now that you have their at­ten­tion, you also need to pro­vide a way for can­di­dates to eas­ily sub­mit re­sumes for con­sid­er­a­tion for fu­ture po­si­tions. — Hu­man­re­sources

You can de­velop re­la­tion­ships with po­ten­tial can­di­dates long be­fore you need them.

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