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AT­LANTA — There’s good news for those of you who wake up to a bowl of ce­real ev­ery morn­ing, es­pe­cially if your go-to choice is high in fi­bre. Hid­den in that fa­vorite box may be a prize bet­ter than a plas­tic toy. It just might hold the key to a longer life, ac­cord­ing to a new study.

No, this study wasn’t done by Snap, Crackle or Pop.

Choos­ing a healthy ce­real good source of fi­bre too.

Whole grains and regular di­etary fi­bre also may help re­duce your mor­tal­ity risks, the study found, and those can be found in a large num­ber of prod­ucts. Con­sider oat­meal or a non-high fi­bre ce­real (3 to 5 grams), eat a piece of wheat bread (about 5 grams) or a whole wheat tor­tilla (about 5 grams). Black beans are a rich source for di­etary fi­bre (19.5 grams).

And add even some fruit like ap­ples (a large one has 4.5 grams) or a half a cup of black­ber­ries (4.4 grams) all of that would add up to this ‘higher’ to­tal that may im­prove your odds of living a longer life.

And if you don’t want to spend hours read­ing la­bels at the gro­cery store, di­eti­tian Lori Zanini said she tells her clients this fi­bre rule of thumb: “No an­i­mal prod­uct will nat­u­rally have this,” Zanini said. “Plants are where you should go to find fi­bre. It only comes from the cell walls of plants.” Most Amer­i­cans, she said prob­a­bly don’t get the amount of ce­real fi­bre or whole grains rec­om­mended as ad­van­ta­geous in this study. “But once you con­sciously seek it out, it does be­come eas­ier,” Zanini said “And with the wide va­ri­ety of ways you can get fi­bre into your diet it isn’t hard, es­pe­cially if you know it may help your health.”

The op­er­a­tive word is “may,” study au­thor Dr. Lu Qi said. Keep in mind the study looks at con­nec­tions; it doesn’t show causal­ity. To defini­tively show ce­real is the key to long life, the pro­fes­sor at the Har­vard med­i­cal school and Har­vard’s school of public health said, you’d need a clin­i­cal trial that would look at this spe­cific is­sue.

That said, Qi per­son­ally is a be­liever in the break­fast food. He said he eats ce­real reg­u­larly to start his day. Har­vard even pro­vides break­fast for free to the fac­ulty. And if it’s good enough for doc­tors at Har­vard, they may just be on to some­thing.


Whole grains and regular di­etary fi­bre RE­DUCE your mor­tal­ity risks.

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