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When it comes to wiper washer mix­tures, good old fash­ioned plain wa­ter will do the trick. So will some house­hold win­dow clean­ers, but they’re not for­mu­lated for car us­age,

OVER­CON­FI­DENCE is com­mon in driv­ers of all kinds, but it can be the cause of com­pla­cency which al­lows you to slip into a false sense of se­cu­rity.

When that hap­pens, it be­comes more likely to in­dulge in dis­trac­tions and bad habits which you know aren’t a good idea, but tend to be­lieve won’t make much dif­fer­ence. How­ever, dis­trac­tions are danger­ous and it takes just a split sec­ond of inat­ten­tion for po­ten­tially deadly con­se­quences to fol­low.

Ask your­self if you ever en­gage in th­ese eight danger­ous habits — or, in­stead, ask your­self how of­ten you do it. Then make a

Keep it clean con­scious de­ci­sion to avoid them, no mat­ter how con­ve­nient they may seem:

1. Snack­ing It’s one thing to munch on a piece of fruit, quite an­other to wran­gle a ham­burger and chips while hold­ing the wheel. It’s some­thing we all

Cloth seats gen­er­ally need noth­ing more than a vac­uum to keep clean and there’s noth­ing wrong with seat cov­ers. In fact, like floor mats, seat cov­ers will help pro­tect the value do — but also a habit that should be elim­i­nated. That quick glance into your lap might be the very mo­ment when some­one drifts into your lane.

2. Road rage Had a bad day and no­tice that in­con­sid­er­ate id­iot on your tail? With over­con­fi­dence of­ten comes the per­cep­tion that you’re the ex­pert and ev­ery­one else can’t drive.road rage is an ir­ra­tional burst of anger that has all too of­ten had tragic con­se­quences.

Be aware of your­self and re­mem­ber, even if some­one causes you in­con­ve­nience or makes an an­noy­ing mis­take, for­giv­ing and mov­ing on is a far bet­ter (and safer) re­sponse.

3. Where’s that phone/hand­bag/wal­let? Mostly, it is the smart­phone that we go look­ing for at the ex­pense of pay­ing at­ten­tion to the road, but it could also be the hand­bag, wal­let or other items that dis­tract you.

An ob­vi­ously bad idea; lean­ing over into the pas­sen­ger seat or dig­ging in the rear foot wells make it im­pos­si­ble to keep an eye on your sur­round­ings. Rather stop (es­pe­cially if you in­tend mak­ing a call or send­ing an SMS) and find your items safely; or in­stead, put the items that could dis­tract you in the boot of your car, so you are not tempted to reach for them.

4. Do­ing your hair or makeup The old joke goes, ‘I saw a woman in the traf­fic putting on makeup and would have hooted, but for my cof­fee and cig­a­rette’. Funny? Not when per­form­ing per­sonal hy­giene in the car re­sults in a crash. Do it at home — and the men are as much to blame as the ladies; the elec­tric shaver is a bath­room and not mo­tor ac­ces­sory.

5. Get­ting changed Too hot or too cold? If your out­fit needs ad­just­ing, you need to stop the car and sort it out. Pulling on or off jer­seys and jack­ets is some­thing many of us have to ad­mit to do­ing while driv­ing, but it is just not a good idea — par­tic­u­larly if the pullover has to come over your head for re­moval. It is im­pos­si­ble to prop­erly con­trol the ve­hi­cle and see where you’re go­ing if you’re steer­ing and at­tend­ing to your wardrobe.

6. Ear­phones The rea­son a hooter is fit­ted to ev­ery road­wor­thy ve­hi­cle is a big clue for this one: sound is an es­sen­tial com­po­nent of safe driv­ing. That’s also why am­bu­lances, po­lice ve­hi­cles and fire en­gines have sirens — so your ears can alert you to dan­ger. Head­phones are not for use by driv­ers — and that goes for cy­clists and pedes­tri­ans, too. Us­ing your ears means an im­proved abil­ity to un­der­stand and re­spond to your sur­round­ings.

7. Keep your lap clear Think it is OK to have a small dog or cat on your lap while driv­ing? Think again. Not only is Fido a dis­trac­tion, but the pet can get in the way of the con­trols — and that could have dev­as­tat­ing con­se­quences. And if hav­ing a pet on your lap is a no-no, it should go with­out say­ing that a child should never, ever be placed in a car in this po­si­tion. — Al­l4­women.

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