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Ir­reg­u­lar men­strual cy­cles are a com­mon rea­son for in­fer­til­ity. Ab­sent or in­fre­quent pe­ri­ods, pro­longed and ex­ces­sive bleed­ing, and bleed­ing or “spot­ting” be­tween pe­ri­ods can all make it dif­fi­cult to pre­dict when ovu­la­tion will oc­cur so that a cou­ple can make a baby.

There are also a num­ber of dis­eases and con­di­tions that can con­trib­ute to in­fer­til­ity. Smok­ing and weight also play a role. Smok­ing can re­duce a woman’s chances of get­ting preg­nant by af­fect­ing ovu­la­tion, and mis­car­riage oc­curs at a higher rate among preg­nant women who smoke. And ac­cord­ing to the Amer­i­can So­ci­ety of Re­pro­duc­tive Medicine (ASRM), about 12% of all cases are be­cause a woman weighs too much or too lit­tle.

But many ex­perts be­lieve age is the big­gest cause of fe­male in­fer­til­ity, play­ing more of a role for women than for men. “If you look at fer­til­ity curves, there’s about a 50% decline in the abil­ity for a woman to get preg­nant from age 30 to 40 and ev­ery two years [af­ter 40] it is cut in half,” says Grifo. “Then pretty much by the age of 44 any­one who is achiev- LON­DON — You might think opt­ing for a salad or sand­wich for lunch will see you on your way to a healthy life­style.

But in fact sand­wiches and pasta sal­ads can con­tain more fat, calo­ries and sugar than burg­ers and piz­zas.

Some ap­par­ently healthy meals are worse for you than de­monised junk foods from the likes of Mcdon­ald’s, Burger King and Pizza Ex­press, re­searchers have found.

For ex­am­ple, a Peri-peri Chicken Pasta Salad con­tains 46.5g of fat – two-thirds of the rec­om­mended daily in­take for an adult — which is more than the 44.3g found in a Burger King Ba­con and Cheese Whopper.

Mean­while a Chicken and Smoked Ba­con Salad sand­wich con­tains 694 calo­ries and 37.1g of fat — but a Clas­sic Margherita pizza has 683 calo­ries and con­tains only 22.5g of fat.

And a 624 calo­rie Brie and Ba­con Panini comes in at more than 100 calo­ries higher than a 518 calo­rie Mcdon­ald’s Quar­ter Pounder with Cheese.

Con­sumer group Which?, which

The most com­mon rea­sons for male in­fer­til­ity are is­sues with how the tes­ti­cles cre­ate and dis­pense sperm, hor­mone im­bal­ances, or blockages in the male re­pro­duc­tive or­gans. Ob­struc­tions in the tubes that trans­port sperm from the tes­ti­cles to the pe­nis, ei­ther nat­u­rally oc­cur­ring or via va­sec­tomy, ac­count for up to 20% of male cases of in­fer­til­ity.

A com­plete lack of sperm is the fac­tor for about 10% to 15% of male in­fer­til­ity; low sperm counts and mal­formed sperm are more con­ducted the re­search, said it was sur­prised to find that three of the sand­wiches it sur­veyed con­tained more than three tea­spoons of sugar.

Th­ese in­cluded a Posh Ched­dar and Pickle on Ar­ti­san, which con­tains 17.6g of sugar — equiv­a­lent to more than four tea­spoons.

Which? added it was easy for cus­tomers to overeat at lunchtime, with dishes such as a Tomato and Basil Chicken Pasta, which states it con­tains seven serv­ings, of­ten eaten by one per­son – mean­ing they con­sume 683 calo­ries and 38.6g of fat in one sit­ting.

This is more than Burger King’s Chicken Royale with Cheese, which has 648 calo­ries and 37.2g of fat.

A Which? spokesman said: ‘We’ve un­cov­ered sand­wiches and sal­ads that con­tain more calo­ries and fat than a Big Mac.

‘Given our re­search, it’s per­haps not sur­pris­ing that two thirds of UK adults and a third of chil­dren are classed as over­weight or obese. Over­con­sump­tion of foods high in calo­ries, sugar and fat is fu­elling our obe­sity cri­sis.’

Daily Mail Ac­cord­ing to the Na­tional In­sti­tute of Child Health and Hu­man Devel­op­ment, women with ovu­la­tion is­sues are most likely to see suc­cess from fer­til­ity treat­ments.

“If women are not ovu­lat­ing, it’s a rel­a­tively sim­ple fix,” said Grifo. “You can usu­ally fix it with oral meds that in­duce ovu­la­tion. There are also in­jectable forms. If that’s the only prob­lem, it’s a very ef­fec­tive form of treat­ment.”

SOME sal­ads con­tain two-thirds the rec­om­mended fat daily in­take for an adult.

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