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Car-jamming is on the rise at an alarm­ing rate in neigh­bour­ing South Africa. Peo­ple are also los­ing not only hand­bags, wal­lets and the like, but, lap­tops, tablets and smart phones which very of­ten con­tain ir­re­place­able data.

What hap­pens is that crim­i­nals who spot a driver walk­ing away from their parked car quickly in­ter­fere with the re­mote’s au­to­matic lock­ing but­ton, us­ing a house­hold re­mote to block the ve­hi­cle re­mote sen­sor from reach­ing and lock­ing the car.

Through caus­ing in­ter­rup­tions in the sig­nal by the crim­i­nal’s house­hold re­mote, the driver’s car is pre­vented from be­ing locked, un­known to the driver.

The only way to pro­tect your­selves from car jamming is to make sure that you per­son­ally check and dou­ble-check your ve­hi­cle, to make sure it is prop­erly locked and to re­move valu­ables from it.

Aon’s Mandy Bar­rett ex­plained how car re­mote jamming works: “Re­mote jamming in­volves the block­ing of car re­motes us­ing a house­hold re­mote. Both op­er­ate at a 400 mega­hertz fre­quency and crim­i­nals ef­fec­tively pre­vent the lock­ing ac­tion of the car from be­ing ac­ti­vated. They then have easy ac­cess to the ve­hi­cle and your valu­ables with­out any forced en­try.

“Over the last few months we have noted a 30% in­crease in re­ported in­ci­dents. How­ever, we ex­pect the real fig­ures to be sig­nif­i­cantly un­der-re­ported as many vic­tims don’t bother to re­port the crime to their in­surer as any re­sul­tant loss is usu­ally not cov­ered un­der an in­sur­ance pol­icy un­less there are signs of forced or vi­o­lent en­try.”

Bar­rett added that ar­eas be­ing tar­geted in­cluded car parks at schools and ser­vice sta­tions; most peo­ple left hand­bags, wal­lets, ipads and lap­tops in their car while walk­ing their chil­dren into school or vis­it­ing a store.

“Shop­ping cen­tres are also a favourite hunt­ing ground. Crim­i­nals are usu­ally parked close by look­ing for tar­gets, and ca­su­ally walk up and help them­selves, in most in­stances not at­tract­ing at­ten­tion.”

Be­low are some tips: Re­move valu­ables from your vehi- cle or keep them out of sight.

Park in a busy area with se­cu­rity nearby. Have a work­ing alarm. Don’t keep your ve­hi­cle reg­is­tra­tion pa­pers in it.

Re­move all house keys and ac­cess cards.

Car jamming is a scary truth and it can hap­pen to any­one. Be vig­i­lant and make sure you are aware of your sur­round­ings and your ve­hi­cle. — Cape Times

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