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ONIONS, de­spite the bad rap it gets for caus­ing bad breath, is one of those herbs that is not just used as a spice, but also as a medicine due to the pres­ence of a chem­i­cal called al­licin.

This pow­er­ful chem­i­cal is the rea­son why gar­lic is so healthy, how­ever it is also what makes gar­lic smell so much, but the benefits of gar­lic are com­pletely worth the bad smell.

The health benefits of eat­ing gar­lic in­clude:

1. Al­le­vi­at­ing many con­di­tions re­lated to the heart and blood sys­tem, such as high blood pres­sure, high choles­terol, coro­nary heart dis­ease, heart attack, and “hard­en­ing of the ar­ter­ies” (atheroscle­ro­sis).

2. Pre­vent­ing and treat­ing colon can­cer, rec­tal can­cer, stom­ach can­cer, breast can­cer, prostate can­cer, lung can­cer, prostate can­cer space. In ad­di­tion, de­spite uni­ver­sally us­ing walk­ing frames, ev­ery 100-year-old was slim and had a good pos­ture.

“Nor­mally we con­ducted the sur­veys at hos- and blad­der can­cer. A study sup­ports this as it found that mid­dleaged women were 35 per­cent less likely to de­velop colon can­cer when they ate fruit, veg­eta­bles, and gar­lic as part of a well-bal­anced diet.

3. Build­ing the im­mune sys­tem, thereby keep­ing colds away.

4. Pre­vent­ing and treat­ing bac­te­rial and fun­gal in­fec­tions.

5. Treat­ing fever, coughs, headache, stom­ach ache, si­nus con­ges­tion, gout, rheuma­tism, haem­or­rhoids, asthma, bron­chi­tis, and short­ness of breath.

6. Fight­ing stress and tigue.

7. Main­tain­ing healthy liver func­tion.

8. Fight­ing in­flam­ma­tion with some of its com­pounds, th­ese may “nat­u­rally re­duce pain and ir­ri­ta­tion by mim­ick­ing the way

fa- pitals, but we vis­ited the seven cen­te­nar­i­ans at home,” said Dr Wil­helm­sen.

“All of them were clin­i­cally healthy, sat­is­fied with their cir­cum­stances and pleased to pain med­i­ca­tions work (at least in an­i­mal and test tube be stud­ies),” ac­cord­ing to health andnd re­search pub­lished in the Jour­nal nal of Medic­i­nal Food.

9. Fight­ing food poi­son­ing. A study found thatat a gar­lic com­pound is 100 timess more ef­fec­tive than com­mon an­tibi­otics bi­otics when it came to fight­ing Campyampy­lobac­ter, a bac­te­ri­ate­ria com­monly found in n raw chicken, that cause nau­sea, vom- ing, and di­ar­rhoea.

10. Pre­serv­ing and clean­ingg foods.

The health benefits fits are clearly nu­mer­ous er­ous and worth get­ting g over your fear of its bad smell. l.

— Pulse. ca cann

it it-- be living where they were.”

The find­ings ap­pear in the Scan­di­na­vian Car­dio­vas­cu­lar Jour­nal.

— News.com

While most peo­ple stay away from this rel­a­tive of onions due to its strong smell, the health benefits de­rived from this spice sur­pass the gar­lic breath.

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