ABC vows to avenge Tšosane’s death

'Our enemies' fam­i­lies must cry the way we are cry­ing to­day; we can't let hor­rific crimes like this go un­pun­ished' de­clares ABC leg­is­la­tor Fako Moshoeshoe

Lesotho Times - - Front Page - Keiso Mohloboli

The All Ba­sotho Con­ven­tion ( ABC) has vowed to avenge the death of busi­ness­man Thabiso Tšosane who was shot dead by an un­known as­sailant as he fer­ried his work­ers home last Satur­day.

Mr Tšosane was a staunch ABC mem­ber and spec­u­lated in sev­eral busi­nesses such as con­struc­tion, public trans­port and ve­hi­cle main­te­nance.

The popular en­tre­pre­neur had just driven away from a con­struc­tion site in ha Tsolo with his em­ploy­ees at around 8:30pm, when he was al­legedly flagged down by an un­known man driv­ing a “white twin-cab” with­out reg­is­tra­tion plates.

As the busi­ness­man stopped, the twin­cab driver al­legedly came out of his ve­hi­cle, walked over to Mr Tšosane and then opened fire.

A woman (name with­held be­cause she re­fused to com­ment on the is­sue when the Le­sotho Times called her yes­ter­day) who was with him in the ve­hi­cle, was shot once in the thigh and im­me­di­ately taken to Maseru Pri­vate hos­pi­tal by well-wish­ers, while Mr Tšosane (45) was pro­nounced dead on ar­rival at the same hos­pi­tal.

The Le­sotho Times was told the work­ers who were at the back of the van al­legedly fled when the shoot­ing started. The po­lice say 15 shells were found at the scene of the crime.

No one had been ar­rested in con­nec­tion with the killing by yes­ter­day, while the po­lice told the Le­sotho Times that in­ves­ti­ga­tions were con­tin­u­ing.

ABC Mem­bers of Par­lia­ment (MPS) who vis­ited the Tšosane fam­ily at the busi­ness­man’s first wife’s home in Sehlabeng sa Thuathe on Mon­day vowed vengeance, while also sug­gest­ing they knew who had pumped an es­ti­mated 11 bul­lets into their col­league’s body.

The MP for Bela-bela Con­stituency, Litšoane Litšoane, told the griev­ing fam­ily that this was the be­gin­ning of a “war” which would only end af­ter “ev­ery­one be­hind this attack has been brought to book”.

Mr Litšoane thun­dered: “We must be strong and alert at all times as ABC mem­bers be­cause we are now aware that there are some armed rebels fol­low­ing us wher­ever we go.

“The ABC is in a very dif­fi­cult time as we grieve over one of our own. As a party, we must also be ready for a very dif­fi­cult war against a very ruth­less en­emy who does not hes­i­tate to kill.

“But let me say this loud and clear that who­ever is be­hind this killing will be tracked down be­cause Ntate Tšosane was not only a war­rior in ABC pol­i­tics but also con­trib­uted so much to the eco­nomic growth of Le­sotho as a whole.

“Be­cause he owned a num­ber of busi­nesses, Mr Tšosane em­ployed scores of Ba­sotho and one won­ders how the dependants of those em­ploy­ees are go­ing to sur­vive now that this very gen­er­ous man is gone.”

Mr Litšoane added what “the en­emy” did not know was “if one man dies, an­other one rises in his place”.

he con­tin­ued: “Mur­der is never a so­lu­tion to po­lit­i­cal dif­fer­ences or bring­ing sta­bil­ity to a po­lit­i­cally volatile en­vi­ron­ment.

“Be­fore this coun­try can have the peace and sta­bil­ity that it so des­per­ately needs, there is go­ing to be a bit­ter strug­gle and I urge the new prime min­is­ter (Demo­cratic Congress leader Pakalitha Mo­sisili), who is head­ing this seven-party coali­tion gov­ern­ment, to make sure Mr Tšosane’s mur­derer is ar­rested be­cause we are not go­ing to rest un­til this hap­pens.”

Ac­cord­ing to Mr Litšoane, the Tšosane fam­ily should be proud to have raised such “a coura­geous and in­no­va­tive son”, who was al­ways pre­pared to lend a help­ing hand to those in need.

“To the Tšosane fam­ily, you should be proud that you were part of this man’s unique life. We ask the Almighty to give you strength and heal­ing for your loss.

“To you, MP Fako Moshoeshoe, we are all very sorry with your loss; Mr Tšosane’s vote was pow­er­ful as it came to­gether with so many oth­ers be­cause peo­ple be­lieved in him and his ideals.

“This is why they trusted his judg­ment and the party he sup­ported since its for­ma­tion (in 2006).

“MPS need such sup­port be­cause with­out it, they can’t make it,” Mr Litšoane said.

On his part, Mr Moshoeshoe said Mr Tšosane’s sud­den death had left many fam­i­lies in “a des­per­ate” sit­u­a­tion be­cause in ad­di­tion to his work­ers, he also took care of lesspriv­i­leged fam­i­lies and the el­derly.

“Mr Tšosane did not only take care of his fam­ily but also more than 1000 less-priv­i­leged fam­i­lies; his mur­derer did not know what he was do­ing when he pulled that trig­ger.”

Ac­cord­ing to Mr Moshoeshoe, he was con­vinced the per­son who shot Mr Tšosane was “an ex­pert”.

“I have a lot of knowl­edge about guns and I want all of you gath­ered here to know that Mr Tšosane’s mur­derer is a trained ex­pert; he knows how to use a gun.

“We are not as stupid as those mur­der­ers might think; we are also aware that they con­tam­i­nated the crime scene by drop­ping 9mm bul­let shells at the scene while they used a sub­ma­chine gun to take away Mr Tšosane’s life.

“With the sup­port of the Tšosane fam­ily and ABC mem­bers, I prom­ise that I will work night and day to find the per­son who pulled that trig­ger and make him pay. I also de­clare re­venge here and now; we are not go­ing to rest as a party, un­til we suc­ceed in aveng­ing this man’s death.

“We can’t just let peo­ple get into our homes and kill us like in­sects; we are go­ing to face our enemies and fight them till the bit­ter end. Our enemies’ fam­i­lies must cry the way we are cry­ing to­day; we can’t let hor­rific crimes like this go un­pun­ished.”

Koro-koro Con­stituency MP Mote­bang Koma also slammed Mr Tšosane’s shoot­ing, not­ing the na­tion had lost a “true leader”.

“he was a true leader and man of the peo­ple be­cause he knew how to play his politi- cal and busi­ness games well. he knew how to sep­a­rate is­sues, which is why he was so suc­cess­ful in life,” Mr Koma said.

Ac­cord­ing to Mr Koma, “it is stupid to in­vest in peo­ple’s blood in the name of pol­i­tics.

“We are all aware that Africa is danger­ous when it comes to pol­i­tics, but that should come to an end; we should all be civilised about our dif­fer­ences. A per­son should not be killed for ask­ing politi­cians rel­e­vant de­vel­op­men­tal ques­tions.

“In his Speech from the Throne on Fri­day, his Majesty King Let­sie III ac­knowl­edged our 50 years of in­de­pen­dence as Le­sotho and it is a pity that we are still op­pressed in this coun­try be­cause peo­ple still get pun­ished for hav­ing a dif­fer­ent po­lit­i­cal view,” Mr Koma said.

“I am re­ally sad­dened by Mr Tšosane’s death be­cause he was one of those men who had ded­i­cated his life to fight­ing poverty and hunger. I am con­fi­dent that had he con­tin­ued to live, Le­sotho was go­ing to be de­liv­ered from depend­ing on in­ter­na­tional donors for the pro­vi­sion of sim­ple things such as maize­meal.

“It is a dis­grace that we con­tinue to de­pend on de­vel­op­ing coun­tries for our sur­vival; we con­tinue to sur­vive on dona­tions yet we are ca­pa­ble of do­ing some of th­ese things on our own, the way Mr Tšosane was show­ing us how. Ac­cept­ing ev­ery do­na­tion that comes our way is the same as eat­ing fae­ces from our age-mates.”

ABC Sec­re­tary Gen­eral and Tsikoane Con­stituency MP, Sa­monyane Nt­sekele, as­sured the Tšosane fam­ily of the party’s sup­port in the burial of their son.

Mr Nt­sekele also ad­vised the Tšosane fam­ily to “trust in God in this dif­fi­cult time”.

“even though it is not easy to lose some­one you love, you should sing songs of praise to the Lord for the pre­cious life of Ntate Tšosane that you were part of for so many years,” he said.

On be­half of the fam­ily, his mother, Mate­batso said she re­ceived an anony­mous call that her son had been in­volved in a car ac­ci­dent, and that she should rush to Maseru Pri­vate hos­pi­tal in ha Thet­sane on the day of the tragedy.

“I didn’t go, but asked his sec­ond wife, ‘Mathabo, to go. She went there with her neigh­bours and upon their ar­rival, they were told it was not a car ac­ci­dent but a shoot­ing and that Thabiso was al­ready dead.

“We were also told that the po­lice were in­ves­ti­gat­ing the case, and what we know is that he had his em­ploy­ees in that car.

“Be­yond that, we don’t know any­thing or how many peo­ple were ac­tu­ally in his ve­hi­cle at the time of the shoot­ing.

“hope­fully, po­lice in­ves­ti­ga­tions will re­veal what re­ally hap­pened to my son,” Mate­batso said.

Mean­while, Mr Tšosane is sur­vived by his mother ‘Mate­batso, two wives ‘Ma­palesa and ‘Mathabo, and seven chil­dren — five daugh­ters and two sons.

We can’t just let peo­ple get into our homes and kill us like in­sects; we are go­ing to face our enemies and fight them till the bit­ter end. Our enemies’ fam­i­lies must cry the way we are cry­ing to­day; we can’t let hor­rific crimes like this go un­pun­ished

From left: THE late Thabiso Tšosane’s mother ‘mate­batso and two wives ‘mathabo and ‘ma­palesa.

ABC sup­port­ers pay their re­spects at the late Thabiso Tšosane’s home in Sehlabeng sa Thuathe on Tues­day.

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