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KEEP your ve­hi­cle in tip-top con­di­tion with these ef­fec­tive tips on how to clean your car prop­erly. For many ve­hi­cle own­ers, the week­end act of wash­ing a car by hand is a ther­a­peu­tic act as ben­e­fi­cial for the per­son’s state of mind as to the ve­hi­cle’s ap­pear­ance. That’s good, be­cause fre­quent wash­ing is also the best way to main­tain a new-car fin­ish. But as sim­ple as wash­ing your car may seem, there are some things to watch for so that you don’t ac­ci­den­tally scratch or de­grade the fin­ish. Here are some ba­sic car-wash­ing tips.

Don’t wait for a layer of crud to ac­cu­mu­late be­fore wash­ing. Dead bugs, bird drop­pings, and chem­i­cals from the at­mos­phere all leach acids that can strip away wax and even­tu­ally eat into your car’s paint. If left too long, they can cause dam­age that re­quires sand­ing and re­paint­ing the area to cor­rect.

Wash off dead bugs, bird drop­pings, and tree-sap mist as soon as pos­si­ble. Other than this, a weekly car wash will keep the fin­ish in its best shape. What kind of prod­ucts should I use? Don’t... use house­hold clean­ing agents like hand soap, dish­wash­ing de­ter­gent, or glass cleaner on the paint. These aren’t for­mu­lated for use on a car’s paint and may strip off the pro­tec­tive wax. Do... use a ded­i­cated car-wash prod­uct, which is milder and specif­i­cally de­signed for use on automotive paint. Ap­ply the suds with a large, soft nat­u­ral sponge or a lamb’s-wool mitt. Clear out the trash Items such as re­ceipts, pam­phlets, pens and change clut­ter up your car. Grab a bin bag and re­move all de­bris from your car. Reach for the vac­uum One of the key tips to clean your car prop­erly is to en­sure that it’s free from dust. Start off by re­mov­ing the floor mats and vac­u­um­ing the floor of your car. Dust off the mats and then vac­uum thor­oughly. You can also vac­uum door pads. Dust and pol­ish Grab an old rag and dust off all air vents and the dash. Once all sur­faces are dust-free, use a car spray to keep ev­ery­thing clean and smelling good. To get into all those hard-tore­ach places, loosen dirt with a nail brush and wipe off with a clean cloth. Sham­poo the car­pets and uphol­stery At least once a year, you’ll need to sham­poo the car­pets and uphol­stery with car sham­poo. This will elim­i­nate spills and sticky stains as well keep germs at bay. Sim­ply ap­ply the sham­poo and scrub well with a scrub­bing brush. Al­low to dry. Wash the ex­te­rior Clean all the win­dows Us­ing win­dow cleaner and a soft cloth, clean both sides of all win­dows. To get rid of any wa­ter stains, scrunch up some news­pa­per and rub down the glass. Think tyres

USE a sep­a­rate sponge to clean the wheels and tyres.

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