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Two-headed co­bra alive and spit­ting

A two-headed mu­tant co­bra is alive and grow­ing, even though it doesn’t eat or drink, although bizarrely each head tries to swal­low the other.

that’s ac­cord­ing to China’s Peo­ple’s Daily On­line, which says the rep­tile was found by a snake breeder, known only as Mr huang.

Both heads have their own brain, which means they of­ten try to move in op­po­site di­rec­tions. the co­bra has now been handed over to Nan­ning Zoo. Zookeeper Li Keqi said: “the snake has been alive for 10 days now and has been with us for two, dur­ing which time it has al­ready changed its skin once.” —

Woman de­fends mar­riage to ‘old man’

A 22-year-old bride-to-be has been forced to de­fend fall­ing in love with a man 36 years older than her.

Carly King, of wood­bridge in Suf­folk, is get­ting mar­ried to Billy Pot­ter, 58 – who has three chil­dren aged 27, 29 and 31.

“we tried to hide it to start with be­cause of the age gap,” she ex­plained.

“But peo­ple did find out and they had a lot to say about it. Most of it was neg­a­tive to be hon­est.

“Peo­ple were say­ing it would never last, that I was af­ter his money. Just hurt­ful things. they just weren’t pre­pared to give us a chance at all.”

the cou­ple met in 2011 when Carly took her car to him for ad­vice af­ter he was rec­om­mended by her sis­ter. She said she felt in­stantly at­tracted to him. their ro­mance blos­somed when Carly be­gan giv­ing Billy lifts home from the pub she worked at.

She con­tin­ued: “It was a shock as he said he would never get mar­ried, but ob­vi­ously he wanted to.

“the 36-year age gap has not af­fected any­thing re­ally. At the start he said he would never get mar­ried be­cause he wanted to warn me.

“I ac­cepted it, but I knew deep down one day I wanted my dream wed­ding and in the end it just got more se­ri­ous and he wanted it to. he loves me a lot.

“He finds his emo­tions hard to talk about but I know that he loves me. we gen­uinely wor­ship the ground each other walks on.” —

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